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I am a Designer specialised in optimising pages by answering the objections of your potential customers

With clients that range from bootstrapped to VC backed by

What do I do?

I'm currently offering 3 types of services so I can provide the best ROI for companies that are in different stages of growth, traffic and revenue. 

Conversion audit

Identifying problems and providing insights

In this 60 min call we will go through all the problems you mention plus the ones I find and I'll go deep with you to figure out why your current customers bought and how we can replicate that message around the website to convert other potential customers

Who is a Conversion audit for? (at least one)

  • You want to know how to make the website sell the product/service properly
  • You spotted a problem but you need insights on how to fix it
  • You would like to convert more but you don't know what to do or focus on
Strategy package

Finding the right solutions to the right problems

This is a conversion audit on steroids! We will go through all the problems and solutions in 2-3 calls throughout a week. I will then order all the tweaks and tests by the ease of implementation and ROI and provide you with sketches of what all the solutions could or should look like

Who is a Strategy package for? (at least one)

  • You have a least few hundred customers and want to invest in converting more people
  • You have good recurring traffic and you can acquire a good amount of customers by converting more
  • You are quick to take action but you just don't know how to convert more by this point
The Redesign

Fixing the issues right from the root

I'll go in and redesign the website focusing on making it convert and explain the product the best way possible (over the course of 4 - 6 weeks). This process takes very little of your time pass the first week (includes the strategy package).

Who is the Redesign for? (at least one)

  • You want the best solution possible
  • You want a more "hands-off" solution
  • You have huge potential for a revenue increase with any significant increase in CR

Who is this guy?

I’m Pedro, an Independent Designer passionate about the psychology behind buying decisions, because of that, I decided to join that with Design and deliver solutions that will make your website sell more

Ready to fix it? Let's talk

I will help you go from visitors to customers so you can get a boost in your CR and your revenue, click the button below to schedule a free intro call

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