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"Pedro actually invested his time to understand our challenges well, and helped us formulate a clear-cut strategy to increase the lead generation output from our homepage"

Nikhil Chaudhary -

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I know you came here to see some social proof so here are some of the kind messages I get from clients.

Some Client Interviews/Stories

More interview/stories coming (REAL) soon!

How Anton Grew His MRR by 40% In 30 Days By Changing His Messaging & Positioning

I was really stuck because we were trying to compete with all of these other cold email tools and we were struggling to stand out.

After I started working with Pedro we decided to double down on our strengths and focus on the agency side of things.

After we really started to double down and really addressing that market and really explaining the value of our product we ended up getting way better results from our website. We put our website live in December and we saw a ~40% increase in MRR in 30 days and by February or March we ended up almost tripling our lead volume.

Anton Van Rhyn - Founder of

How Baremetrics Recover Greatly Improved Conversions By Changing Their Message

Before we changed the page people didn't really understand how Baremetrics Recover could help.

Now? Not only did they have a very successful relaunch but conversions just keep increasing as more customers signed up... Even without any input from Corey on why they should sign up!

This resulted in a $4k MRR boost in the month of the launch and over time (this is the best part) resulted in way more expansion revenue as ~35% of new customers signed up for recover instead of ~25% (what they had in the past).

Corey Haines- Head of Growth at Baremetrics

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"~40% Increase In Conversions. Pedro Paid Himself In 2 Weeks!"

I worked with Zack to optimize his website so he can get way more sales and stand out from it's competitors. He is still implementing the rest of the pages so this result is just by changing the pricing page! That's 1/10 of what we worked on ;)

Zack Katz- Founder of

How Doka Is Smashing Through The Commodity Prices Of Normal Plugins

“I used to sell my product based on features. Now that we’ve gone through the process I have a much better understanding of how to sell my products online and make them stand out from anything else”

Rik - Founder of Doka

How Flassh Found A Better Way To Aquire Customers (Without Ads)

It seems like every founder nowadays thinks that PPC advertising is the best way to grow their company… It’s NOT!
Here’s a quick story on how I helped Bill explain his product better and find a better marketing channel for one of his companies.

Bill Hamway - CEO of Flassh

From Confused To Having Complete Clarity About His Messaging

"I had no idea what to write, how to structure landing pages and how to make people convert."

"I now have very clear landing pages on our website and know how to create more for future product releases/changes."

Carsten Schaefer - CEO of

"Pedro Creates High Converting Pages Without Sleazy Tactics"

"The engagement was solid. Pedro was extremely reliable and organized."

"Not only did I walkaway with a new landing page but I also learned a lot of things which I can apply to future projects."

Larry Yu- Co-founder of

More Client Results

People weren't understanding some key things about Jim's product so with the advice I gave him he was able to acquire 20 more customers within a few days.

Cody was struggling to sell his product because their visitors thought it wasn't worth switching from their current process to their solution. I noticed they were getting amazing results for their customers so I simply focused on selling the results and justifying how the product was the key to getting them... Now that the entire messaging was updated Cody has more demos than he can handle!

Philippe is one of the founders of a customer feedback tool that wasn't having success converting their visitors. They couldn't understand the value so people wouldn't even try his product for free (even with a high touch approach)!

I helped them position and explain their product so we could have a laser focused message. We started showing it to restaurants (only one of the segments) "Get 381% more online 5 start reviews" and made the connection between reviews and free customers from Google search which sounded super valuable for the business owners. The same type of people that wouldn't try it for free are now willing to pay for ANNUAL CONTRACTS UPFRONT!!

And They Also Work For Me!

I’m not a hypocrite consultant… I am able to get this many calls every time I write an article or post some videos. All of this with qualification process and limiting them to 5 a week. 0 paid traffic, just organic traffic.

You wouldn’t trust someone who couldn’t make it work for his own website, would you?

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