What If You Could Follow A Proven Process To Create SaaS Landing pages That CONVERT?

The SaaS Landing page Blueprint explains my EXACT process that clients pay me $$$ for. From finding why people convert, to writing the copy, to my exact Landing page FORMULA (and more). All of that in an actionable guide you can follow.

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Pablo Olóndriz

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Want to learn how to create SaaS Landing pages like these?

Here are a few examples of Landing pages I've designed for my clients, all of them SaaS companies.

The problem

If you ever tried to learn how to get great results with SaaS websites, you will find that most articles are full of BS!

Nothing they explain is universal or actionable... They simply can't be directly applied in your own projects :(

I noticed they only cover superficial stuff around how to website looks without any research behind why people buy...

At least, that's the feedback I've been getting from my articles and free email courses from thousands of readers around the world.

Because of all this, I decided to write my own book.

Why is this book different?

I've read a lot of books and I found the patterns between the ones that are actionable and the one's that aren't so I set out to create one of the actionable ones!

When I was learning how to do this I didn't take the normal path...

I didn't learn this in college, in articles or books about Landing pages!

Instead, I focused on the longer/harder path and decided to study the real reasons behind conversions.

I studied the best Copywriters, Marketers and Psychologist in the world and how they became the best in their own field.

I took all of their principles and simply applied them on SaaS companies (and with great success).

This book is a compiles my years of research into an actionable guide that you can use to save your time and learn directly from my experience.

What's inside?

5 Chapters, 6 exercises in a highly actionable guide. If you follow it you can get great results too!

Chapter #1

Positioning the product for maximum revenue and conversions

This is an introduction on the method used in the book. I'll explain you how to position the product so you can find the people that would pay the most for it and how to tweak you message to convert more of them.

What's the best target to sell to?

Exercise #1: Who should you sell to?

Chapter #2

How to Find the Problems People are Willing to Pay for

Explaining the problem is something that SaaS companies rarely do but it helps the visitor understand the value the product provides and why they should convert. I'll help you not only identify these problems but identify the big ones people are willing to pay for.

Why you should explain the problem first

Who should do this exercise?

How to find these problems

Exercise #2: Which problems are the customers willing to pay for?

Chapter #3

How to Turn Problems into Benefits

Now that you identified the problems we will focus on the positive outcomes of fixing them so can associate that to the product your selling.

Why turn problems into benefits?

How to find these extra benefits

Exercise #3: What are the added benefits people would pay for?

Chapter #4

Objections: People are on the edge of converting but they hesitate

Most likely there are people that are ready to convert but get indecisive if the message isn't clear enough. I'll help you identify these objections and get you a quick boost in conversions with this step alone.

What's an objection?

How can you identify them?

What's wrong with not answering them

Exercise #4: What objections do potential customers have?

Chapter #5

How to speak the Customer's Language (to convert more)

Using the exact terms the customers use will help them fully understand the product. Most of the time the founders or the product people find it very hard to do this because they are too used to the product. In this chapter, I'll help you overcome that bias and find the exact language the customers use so you can convert more of them into customers.

The importance of using the exact terms

Where can you find all these clues

How you might be doing it wrong

Exercise #5: How to find the exact terms the customers use to explain their problem and the solution they want

Chapter #6

The Formula for a Conversion driven SaaS Landing page

After you've done your previous exercises you just have to follow the guide in this article and your answers will turn into the content of the entire page!

Overview and breakdown of the formula

Using a cheatsheet

Defining all of the copy

Finding the images

How to not get stuck

Exercise #6: Create your badass Landing page with this step-by-step exercise

Chapter #7

The False Beliefs about SaaS Landing pages & they're holding you back!

There are a lot of misconceptions about SaaS Marketing and Landing pages. In this chapter, I'll go through the most common ones and explain how you can overcome them. Once you are aware of these you can focus on only doing the things that work and spot the BS that's all over the internet.

Myth #1: Optimizing for Conversions

Myth #2: Using industry standards

Myth #3: Small tweaks, magic results?

Myth #4: Analytics

Myth #5: Split testing

Myth #6: The Buyer's journey

Myth #7: The Launch mindset

Myth #8: Marketing Channels

Myth #9: The "hyprocrite" mindset

It's NOT just a book!

Think of it as an actionable guide/cheat sheet than can easily consume time and time again.


At the end of each chapter there will be a couple of questions that will help you design a landing page.

Once you answer these, you'll get all the content for a great SaaS landing page!

SaaS Landing page Cheatsheet

Inside the book is my step-by-step formula for a conversion driven landing page for SaaS.

It took me years to perfect this into something that you can apply on any niche with predictable results!

People seem to like it!

This book is the 80/20 of all the knowledge and experience I acquired over the years so you can save time and get results as soon as possible!

"Pedro's process can generate awesome results. I can't believe he's sharing it all!"

Étienne Garbugli

Founder of Highlights, Author of Lean B2B

"This book it's packed with a ton of advice...I'll use it as a guide everytime I need to design a page to convert my visitors"

Pablo Olóndriz

Cofounder of miEthereum + Snail Arts

"If you follow the step-step exercises you'll end up with the perfect content for an entire Landing page!"

Pat Lavergn

Consultant for SaaS Companies

"If you find it difficult to create Landing pages that convert this book is a great resource!"


Developer and Founder of Hivis.io

About the author

I'm Pedro Cortés, a Marketer + Designer that helps SaaS companies with their messaging in order to convert more visitors into customers. My work ranges from consulting with early stage SaaS startups to big redesigns of 7 and 8 figure SaaS companies. I've worked with clients backed by Seedcamp, 500 Startups, BoostVc and YC SC and I even have clients from the Inc 500 list!

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Teams take months to redesign their website and most of the time the results don't real pay of...

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