An Outside Perspective On Your Website For $49

What if an experienced marketing consultant specialised in SaaS companies could provide actionable feedback on your website for $49?

Why is this so cheap? There’s a good reason, keep reading 👇

Get Your Feedback - $49

You Live In A Conversion Bubble So Your Missing Out On Great Opportunities

You get biased from working on the same company for a long time so you're missing out on the low hanging fruit.

Here's What This Simple Audit Includes:

- Any problems I find

- 2-3 big growth opportunities you can try

- How to execute the changes

Get A Fresh Pair Of Eyes 👀

Get Your Feedback - $49

Here’s How You Can Use This Audit To Get A 10x ROI

Here are some use cases for this audit. Any of them are easily worth 10x the price you're paying for the audit.

Choose One Use Case 👇

Option #1 - Critique A Design

Don't waste time on something that might not work. I can guide you to the right direction.

I want this! - $49

Option #2 - Analyse Your Messaging/Copy

Let's make sure your visitors understand your product because if they don't, you're definitely not converting as many of them as possible.

I want this! - $49

Option #3 - Find Growth Opportunities

I can help you notice your "low hanging fruit", the somewhat easy tweaks you can make that have significant results.

I want this! - $49

Option #4 - Advice On A Specific Problem

I can help you notice your "low hanging fruit", the somewhat easy tweaks you can make that have significant results.

I want this! - $49

Option #5 - Outside Perspective

Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to help you see the opportunities you have... Want me to do it?

I want this! - $49

Let's Be Honest, Here's Why This Audit Is Soo Cheap

Reason #1

This Is Easy For Me!

I analyse websites for a living and as almost as a hobby so providing feedback on your website comes pretty easy for me and makes it cheap for you.

Reason #2

I'll Make Money (Directly Or Not)

No $49 isn’t a lot of money for me nor will I try to up-sell the shit out of you!

These audits put my name out there and that leads to a pipeline of referrals that are worth way more than $49 to me.

It's a win-win :)

Get Your Feedback - $49

Yes, People Love These!

Here are a few people that love these audits.

"Your audit was super valuable! You gave me a couple of actionable tips that could improve my business massively"

Pablo Olóndriz

Co-Founder, miEthereum + Legis Music

"Pedro gave me advice that I would have never thought of! That's how valuable his perspective is and why I love his audits!

Henry Gillis

Product Designer

Get Your Feedback - $49

The Guy Doing Your Audit

Hi, I’m Pedro! I’m a Marketing Consultant specialised in helping B2B SaaS convert more visitors into customers through better messaging and positioning.

I've worked with many multiple 6 figure, 7 figure and even 8 figure SaaS companies... Because of my experience I know what works and what doesn't

Get Your Feedback - $49

“What’s the Next Step?”

It's fairly simple. You place the order and I'll send you the feedback within a week (details below).

Here's How It Works

#1 - Place your order

#2 - You'll get a small survey that will help me understand your goals

#3 - I'll send you the actionable feedback via email!

The Fresh Pair Of (Experienced) Eyes That Can Change Your Business!

$49 - Orders yours 👀

Turnaround: 1 week (I'm busy af!)