5 Landing Page Tweaks To Add 10% Sign Ups In 1 Day

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Give Me 2 Hours & I'll Teach You How To Maximize Every Landing Page You'll Ever Write

About the Creator - Pedro Cortés
Pedro has been working with SaaS companies helping them optimize conversions for the past 7 years. He had over 140+ clients from all over the world and now he is sharing his copywriting wisdom in this course.
#1 - Hero Section

Designing a Hero Section That Explains The "Aha Moment" Easily

This is the first impression your visitors get, it's your chance to grab their attention so they keep scrolling and learn more about your offer!

Copywriting Formulas

Design & Layout Tips

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#2 - How it works sections

From Vague to Crystal Clear  “How it Works” in 4 Steps.

This makes up for 80% of your page in terms of explaining the value your product offers to your visitors. It's very important you get every detail right so they understand your solution is 10x better.
#3 - Social Proof

2 Strategies To Make Your Social Proof Outstanding

Social proof is much more than a simple testimonial, they can have the exact same length but mean something totally different for the visitor. I'll teach you how to ask for these testimonials and get the best social proof possible to back up your claims.
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#4 - Call To Actions

Framing Your Call To Actions To Sell Themselves

"Get a demo" or "Get your free trial" doesn't cut it anymore. We need to frame your call to actions in a way that makes them as irresistible as possible. You're not only selling visitors on the product but also selling them on taking the next step (booking a call or signing up).

Demo Page CTAs

How to frame your demo as an insanely valuable call decision makers can't wait to attend and invite their team.

Sign Up CTAs

Change the way you frame your free trial (or free sign up) and increase the conversion rate of ANY page.
#5 - Copywriting Tips

Headlines Are 90% Of Your Copy, Here's How To Write Them

Headlines are the most important element of your copy but they usually require a lot of skill to write. Over the years I've developed a writing (& editing) process where you can write amazing headlines with very little effort and never run out of ideas.
How to never run out of headline ideas (formulas included!)
Tips to turn vague headlines into high converting ones
Watch me rewrite headlines (exactly how I do it)

Everything You'll Need To Turn Any Page Into A High Converting One

Copywriting Formulas

With these formulas you'll never run out of ideas and always have great examples to use in your pages.

Design & Layout Tips

Simple design tweaks can make your page much more presentable even if you don't have design skills or don't want to re-design the entire page.

How To Create Beautiful Screenshots Without Any Design Experience

This free tool does it all for you!

Create Clear How It Works Videos in 5 Mins With 0% Editing

These videos take the "Show vs Tell" to the next level, I'll show you how to create professional videos without any editing.

Free Swipefile Access

Want to see my collection of pages and sections I use for reference in all of my projects? You'll get access to it for free inside the course!

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Learn how to write high converting headlines
How to come up with them, how to rewrite them, formulas to use and never run out of ideas.
Strategies to perfect every section on your pages
Learn how to rewrite your hero section, social proof, how it works, call to actions and many more details for each of these!
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Need to get an extra pair of eyes? Send Pedro your page and he will give you his first impressions and thoughts on your page.

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