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(Brutally) Honest CRO advice for SaaS Companies

Let's be honest, most CRO articles suck! They don't work, are not actionable and are not universal so I set out to create ones that you can actually can get value from. Do I actually deliver on that promise? Don't know, try to find that out yourself ;)

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I'm Pedro Cortés, a Marketer + Designer that helps SaaS companies with their messaging in order to convert more visitors into customers, I'm also the author of "The SaaS Landing page Blueprint". My work ranges from consulting with early stage SaaS startups to big redesigns of 7 and 8 figure SaaS companies. I've worked with clients backed by Seedcamp, 500 Startups, BoostVc and YC SC and I even have clients from the Inc 500 list!

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