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This isn’t my first time doing projects! Here are some success stories from all over the world!

Featured work

Here are a few examples of the work I have done for my clients and what they had to say about my services.

InputKit was struggling to convert people as their Landing page was super generic and not laser focused for each niche that he could target. InputKit is an amazing product that could honestly work for a ton of different niches but, in this case, it was the very problem the founder was having!

The website was not laser focused on the benefits for each niche and the non-technical SMB's owners just couldn't understand why they should buy.

I helped Philippe identify the quickest boost in revenue possible by creating a laser targeted page focusing on only one niche and one major benefit (that's still worth $100+/month).

After implementation it was way easier to explain the value and Philippe was able to close annual contracts within a couple of days!

"I spent around a year struggling to convert more people into customers as people didn't understand the value and kept delaying their decision to try InputKit (even with a high touch approach).
Now with only one small part of the funnel implemented people see the value right away and I'm confident I could acquire as many as 10 customers a day with the same ad spend!! Thanks Pedro!"

Philippe Genois

Co-Founder, InputKit


Smartbnb is a tool that nearly automates the hosting process for Airbnb hosts. This meant that the tool had pages and pages of features that I had to be prioritised into 2-3 key benefits (that fit on a Landing page) since people buy benefits not features...

The result was a simple website that explained how Smartbnb could automate the whole hosting process and even explain the results they could expect such as better rankings, reviews and so on...

"Pedro's professional approach and strict discovery canvas made it easy to move forward with the project without any delay, always exceeding expectations"

Pierre Camille

CEO/Co-Founder, Smartbnb


SelectQ is an AI company that generates quizzes based on the student's performance to help them train for the SAT.

This product is amazing and 10x better than other traditional studying methods but the big problem is explaining an AI product to a non-technical audience such as students and their parents (the ones making the decision to pay for it) even when the educational industry has never seen this much innovation and such a radically different approach!

I was able to come up with a simple website that could explain the value of the product without being confusing and enabling a bunch of scalable ways to drive traffic to the website and have it sell the product for "itself".


Bitrefill is a crypto based company that enables you to refill your phone and get a lot of different vouchers. They currently have 130,000+ customers from 170 countries.

When you have such different customer archetypes from 170+ countries and different services it can get quiet tricky to convert people.

I've worked with Bitrefill 3x in 2018 (with surprising results every time) to help them design and optimize their website to make it work for all their products and countries while splitting their audience/traffic to guide them to the things they are most likely to purchase.

“Pedro drove the project forward in a steady and professional way, extracting all the necessary values and information, in the end creating a result that was both more informational and with beautiful visuals. Would definitely like to work with him again!”

Sergej Kotliar

CEO/Co-Founder, Bitrefill

More testimonials

Want even more testimonials? I have plenty of those... You can check out most of them below.

"We had a project suddenly come up with a very short execution timeframe. Pedro saved our life by designing a slick landing page focused on converting users while we focused on building the product"

Jeremiah Smith

Co-Founder, Startup Tracker + The DX Network

“Pedro was super efficient in pinpointing the problems and therefore the opportunities that can be achieved through a smart redesign. He also came very prepared for our meeting, thus improving the time ROI even more.”

Julian Samarjiev

Co-Founder, DULO

"Pedro took the time to understand what my goals and problems were and helped me identify what I was doing wrong while laying down actionable steps for me to starting getting better results asap"

Julien Danjou


"Super impressed with Pedro's work, he's passionate, efficient and his meticulous process made that project output perfectly aligned with our product vision and goals"

Jeremiah Smith

Co-founder, Startup Tracker + DX network

"You really took out the time sincerely to help me identify the bottleneck that was turning potential clients away, I was blown away that on the same call you were also able to provide me with actionable advice on how to fix it."

Sambhav Gupta

CEO/Founder, Becquer

“Pedro paid special attention to understanding our business and the stage we are at. After that, he delivered an in-depth evaluation of our website and immediately came up with actionable points that we were able to implement immediately"

Marin Gerov

Co-Founder, DULO

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