70% Of People Won't Convert RIGHT NOW. Here's How To Convert Them Anyway

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Over 70% of people are NOT ready to convert RIGHT NOW…

Do you have something like this to convert them long term? 👇👇

According to the buyer's journey, most people are not ready to convert when they first check your website…

Even if your copy is great…

Even if your product is amazing…

Even if they really need your product…

It’s human nature and you can’t avoid it.

What you can do is PLAN for it! Almost no SaaS companies do this btw… 🤦♂️

Here it is: Provide an ALTERNATIVE

Something that is a lower commitment but that you can still follow up with the lead.

Here are a few examples of alternate CTA’s you can use:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone calls
  • Demos
  • Lead magnets from your blog/content
  • Email support

The idea is, you convert them for something smaller and you follow up with them until they are ready to convert in a few weeks or months.

Chances are you’re only converting people that are ready to buy NOW…

(You’re probably not converting all of those either unless your message is perfect)

What about the other 70%? Have you tried this?

Tell me in the comments or DM me 👇👇


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