Who Else Wants 2-5x Their Qualified Demos?

I help B2B SaaS companies use their website to generate more qualified demos through better messaging and positioning

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If Not, How Will You Get More High Ticket Customers?

Most likely you’ll need a high touch/sales demo approach to close high ticket customers (valued at $2000+ a year).

If you don’t get demos, where can you find more customers?

Cold calling?

Cold email or Linked in outreach?

Conferences, trade shows or "networking" events?

Using PPC ads at a very high customer acquisition cost?

Without Qualified Demos, You Can’t (REALLY) Scale!

Honestly Now, Is This Scalable?

- Attracting unqualified leads. . .

- Paying too much to get demos with PPC traffic…

- Not getting enough demos to hit your revenue goals. . .

Is This The Way To (Predictably) Acquire High Paying Customers?

How Much Is This Costing You?

- Not filling your calendar with hot leads to sell to?

- Not converting enough to get a good return from paid traffic?

- Losing time with bad prospects instead of closing great ones?

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So… Why Does This Happen?

I’ve compiled a few core reasons why this happens and if any of them is not optimised it can cause you to lose as much as 50% of the demos you could be getting.

Full Video Breakdown Here

- Your visitors don’t understand the FULL potential of your product.

- Your demo process/funnel is not optimized and is turning some potential customers off

- You positioning isn’t perfect so your not delivering the right message to the right audience

- Your message is not laser-focused on each of your segments.

(and many other reasons)

Which Of These Problems Do You Have?

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What If There Was An Expert On Getting You More Demos?

I can  get you the leads and you and/or your team can focus on closing more deals :)

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Someone with an outside (objective) perspective...

And… Knows How To Sell High Ticket SaaS?

And… Knows Conversion Optimization?

And… Has Copywriting Experience?

To Help You Get Better Results Without The Trial & Error

More Importantly, Someone Who Has Done it Before!

Someone who has experience, a proven process and insights from many other SaaS Companies.

Here's a list of some of my clients 👇

And many more . . .

My Clients Are Proud Members Of:

Luckily For You, This Guy Actually Exists!

Hi, I’m Pedro! I’m a Marketing Consultant specialised in helping B2B SaaS use their website to generate more sales qualified demos

Here's An Overview Of My Process

- I identify the real reasons why your current customers converted

- I help you position the product for easier conversions and less competition (make it seem unique/better!)

- I use the research from the steps above to design perfect SaaS Landing pages

- I'll consult with you so you can predictably turn visitors into demos

Plus some secrets tricks and insights I have from other companies ;)

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Here's What Clients Think About It


Full Redesign + Optimization

"Pedro's professional approach and strict discovery canvas made it easy to move forward with the project without any delay, always exceeding expectations"

Pierre Camille

Founder/CEO , Smartbnb


Full Redesign + Optimization

"Super impressed with Pedro's work, he's passionate, efficient and hist meticulous process made that project output perfectly aligned with our product vision and goals"

Jeremiah Smith

Co-founder, Startup Tracker + DX network


Full Redesign + Optimization

“Pedro drove the project forward in a steady and professional way, extracting all the necessary values and information, in the end creating a result that was both more informational and with beautiful visuals. Would definitely like to work with him again!

Sergej Koliar

CEO/Co-Founder, Bitrefill

I can show more but this is already too long... Ok!?

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You Came Here To See Results, Right?

I know you came here to see some social proof so here are some of the kind messages I get from clients.

My Strategies Work For My Clients…

People weren't understanding some key things about Jim's product so with the advice I gave him he was able to acquire 20 more customers within a few days.

Cody was struggling to sell his product because their visitors thought it wasn't worth switching from their current process to their solution. I noticed they were getting amazing results for their customers so I simply focused on selling the results and justifying how the product was the key to getting them... Now that the entire messaging was updated Cody has more demos than he can handle!

Philippe is one of the founders of a customer feedback tool that wasn't having success converting their visitors. They couldn't understand the value so people wouldn't even try his product for free (even with a high touch approach)!

I helped them position and explain their product so we could have a laser focused message. We started showing it to restaurants (only one of the segments) "Get 381% more online 5 start reviews" and made the connection between reviews and free customers from Google search which sounded super valuable for the business owners. The same type of people that wouldn't try it for free are now willing to pay for ANNUAL CONTRACTS UPFRONT!!

And They Also Work For Me!

I’m not a hypocrite consultant… I am able to get this many calls every time I write an article (usually once a week) with qualification and limiting them to 2 per day. Without paid traffic, just organically.

You wouldn’t trust someone who couldn’t make it work for his own website, would you?

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There’s a catch! I Don’t Work With Any SaaS Company…

I only work with my ideal clients (because I can). I have some criteria for them, do you qualify?

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“What’s the Next Step?”

Let's jump on a quick call so I can better understand your situation and recommend you the best solution.

The Goals Of This Call?

- Diagnose your problems and growth opportunities

- See if there's a fit (in terms of availability, stage, product ...)

- Recommend you the ideal solution based on your company, niche, stage and some other factors...

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If You Don’t, Someone Else Will!

4 people (on average) call me for projects every week but I only accept 2 per month.

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