A Simple Way To Get More SaaS Demos From Your Website

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Want more SaaS demos? There is an easier to do it...

REMOVE your contact form and try this instead 👇👇👇👇

Just put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes…

Would YOU like to go through this painful process?

1) Filling out a (sometimes overwhelming) contact form

2) Waiting hours or a couple of days for a reply

3) Once you get an answer you’ll need to find a time to book a demo. Again, more work for you...

How excited would you be to get a demo or even sign up for the product after all of this crap!?

You wouldn’t. In fact, you might even cancel it altogether…

So... Why do YOU have a contact form on your site to book demos?

It doesn’t make sense!

Just embed a convenient Calendly event (or similar) and make this experience way better!

Here’s why:

1) People don’t lose the “excitement” to get a demo

2) They need to select a time before

Now tell me in the comments or DM me… Do YOU still use a contact form? 👇👇

P.S. “Shame” the guilty of this mistake


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