Answer Their Objections. The Main Reason Why People Are Not Converting

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The only reason why people don’t convert is that they have OBJECTIONS.

Here’s how SaaS companies can find and answer them 👇👇👇

Don’t worry…

Objections are just simple questions that people have that are related to the process of signing up for your product.

Here’s where you can find them:

  • Demos/calls with customers
  • Common support and live chat questions
  • Reviews from your product and your competitor’s.

90% of the time they boil down to:

  • Switching costs (data migration, integration and setup times)
  • Learning curve/UX
  • Support (how good it is)

Now take those objections and make sure they are ALWAYS being answered throughout your entire website!

That will get people’s concerns out of the way and they will be ready to convert.

If you don’t tho, they will delay their decision and most likely they will never convert.

So… What objections do your visitors have? Are you answering them?

Tell me in the comments (or DM me) and I’ll give you some feedback 👇👇👇


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