Do You Have REAL SaaS Testimonials Or Just Compliments?

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Do you have REAL testimonials or just “compliments”?

One thing CONVERTS but the other doesn’t. 👇👇👇

Here’s the difference…

Compliments it’s when people tell vague things about your product like “Amazing tool!”, “I would highly recommend”.

It’s vague…

It’s not useful information…

It’s not even real social proof…

And guess what? Compliments DON’T convert!

Here’s what a REAL testimonial looks like:

1) Is result driven, not “compliment” driven.

2) Is relatable. Your visitors can relate to that testimonial because there are similar to that person or company in some way.

Which one do YOU have?

Compliments or testimonials?

Tell me in the comments (or DM me) and I’ll give you some feedback 👇👇👇

P.S. Tag a friend that does this mistake 🤦


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