Simple SaaS Messaging Strategy To Improve Your Conversions

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Here’s how you can make your visitors understand the full value of your product (so they convert).


This is going even deeper than having just great copy…

This is finding and using the EXACT words people use to describe their problems, their goals, and your product so you can make your messaging CLEAR!

This is how you really max out your conversions.

Here’s where to find the language your customers use:

  • Demos/calls with customers
  • Common support and live chat questions
  • Reviews from your product and your competitor’s.

I.e. If they describe your product as a “tool” and you describe it as a “platform”... FIX IT!

I.e. If they describe your product as a great “value for money” use that on your page.

Do you get the idea?

The more you understand how people describe their problems, goals and their ideal solution the better your messaging will be…

And the better your CONVERSIONS will be too!

So, tell me… Are you taking advantage of this messaging strategy?

Tell me in the comments (or DM me) and I’ll give you some feedback 👇👇👇

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