The 3 Costs Of Buying A SaaS Product… Are You Justifying All Of Them?

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There are 3 costs involved in buying a SaaS product… And you’re probably one planning for one.

Are you justing all of them as well as this!? 👇👇👇

Cost #1) The Actual cost - the simple price that’s on your pricing page, this is what clients pay you every month.

Cost #2) Switching cost - how much it costs to switch from another tool or process to your product. It’s usually way more relevant than your actual cost so you need to justify it with easy integrations, amazing support and small setup times.

Cost #3) Opportunity cost - this is actually an advantage for you! How much does it cost your customers to not fix the problem you solve? Use this to show your product is an easy ROI and to compensate for the 2 other costs.

Go ahead a justify all of this 3 costs so your visitors think your cost is such a no-brainer!

Question for you: Have you ever thought about these costs? How have you justified your cost before?

Let me know in the comments below (or DM me) 👇


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