The One-Liner. The Foundation For Your SaaS Messaging With A 5 Min Exercise

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What if you could have the foundation of your messaging with a 5 min exercise?

An exercise that will make your landing pages and ads 10x more focused?

Yep, this is 100% possible and it’s what best selling author Donald Miller calls “The One liner” exercise.

Here’s what it’s all about: Describe your product in one sentence

“Sounds too simple...Why is this so important?”

Because you only have one sentence you’re FORCED to focus on the important stuff and leave all of the noise that is confusing your visitors.

Here’s the formula (try it yourself in the comments or DM me) 👇


Most businesses struggle with [MAIN PROBLEM] that’s why we created [WHAT YOUR PRODUCT DOES] so they can get [DESIRED RESULT]

Unlike our competition we [USP]

(you can adjust it slightly to make it grammatically correct in some cases)


I.e. Most businesses struggle with handling 100,000’s of leads that’s why we created a CRM that can automate most of the touch points so you can focus on closing more deals.

Unlike our competition, we don’t force you to change your sales process to fit our CRM.


So, what’s your one-liner? Put that in the comments (or DM me) 👇


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