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This is a great example of copy that flows PERFECTLY, the page is just very well thought out.

I was amazed when I found this product and I was even more amazed that this page was done by Bryan Marble (one of my readers).

He used my free SaaS Landing page cheatsheet and came up with this amazing page without any help!

Notice how the copy flows. You start reading one headline, then you read another, and another and the next thing you know you got what the product does and are likely very interested in converting!

The free-trial CTA is probably the best I've seen too!

The only couple of things I would change are:

1) I would add bullet points on each section to summarise great features that are in the body copy (and might be missed) like integrations, setup time, unique features and so on...

2) I would make the tabs that have the 5 main features and I would display vertically so the visitors can check all of them without having to click through them (which they probably won't!).

What are you waiting for?

Get the free cheatsheet and try to make it better than Bryan... I dare you!



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