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5 Free Tools to Make Your SaaS Landing Page Convert More

Let’s be honest, converting visitors into customers isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the expertise to be able to target them properly.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can use 5 free tools that can help you compensate for not having the ideal conversion-driven landing page/website in place.

This is not a replacement for a proper way to acquire customers with a good Landing page but it can still help people struggling to get customers. If you implement these free tools and get a few customers with them, it’s literally free money!


Conversations from my own leads

Chat with live visitors manually (if you want)

There are many chat widgets that you can use but most of them require paid plans for very essential features like:

  • Making sure you can trigger the widget when it’s the most valuable like in the faq and pricing pages.
  • Controlling office hours and being able to leave offline messages.
  • Be able to have multiple people from the team engaging in conversations within the free plan.
  • You can monitor visitors and start chatting manually (if you want).

The only disadvantage is that some settings are not very user-friendly but once you get used to it, it’s a great value!


This my favorite analytics tooI and it's the best value from this list! If you have less than 2000 visits a day you can use it for free.

There a lot of analytic tools with similar features but you just can’t beat Hotjar for it’s value as the other tools can charge around $200/month for the exact same features!

Here is an overview of it’s most useful features for SaaS Landing Pages.

Watching what users do it's the best form of analytics!

‍Image from Hotjar.com

This is the most valuable thing you can get. Watching a bunch of numbers on Google Analytics, especially for the less experienced, isn’t even close to telling the whole story!

By watching the recordings of real visitors you can actually focus on the important stuff like:

  • ‍Where do visitors get stuck?
  • Where do they decide to leave?
  • What might not be clear enough?
Want to learn the 80/20 of Analytics and these important metrics? That’s Step #1 of my free email course, you can sign up here.


‍Image from Hotjar.com

If you want an overview of all the recordings you can simply set up a heatmap.

The Heatmap will give you a preview of how long your visitors are staying, where they are leaving (% wise) and how much of traffic actually gets to see something you consider important for the sale/conversion.

Funnel Analysis

Image from Hotjar.com

This is such a useful feature! It might seem simple but there is no other tool that I’ve used that makes it so easy to get an overview of which step (or steps) of the funnel is not working as well as they should. You just need to insert the URL and it's able to track those conversions.

This is also great to tell you which part of the funnel you should focus on, as it’s super easy to waste time on something that won’t get you more results. Startups can’t afford to lose that time or worst, to make the conversion even worse by not knowing what to change.

If you want to geek out a bit more you can even go as far as analyzing each step of a form!

‍Image from Hotjar.com



This takes your social proof to a whole new level!

It’s free up to 1000 visits/month and gives you so much control on how it behaves, what info it shows and where it shows up, plus it enables several pop-ups within the free account (unlike similar tools).

People are getting more and more numb to testimonials so a dynamic popup will help you promote the ideal social proof in different pages and at different stages of the buying process, powerful stuff!

case for ProveSourceUse

Here are a few use cases specifically for SaaS Landing pages:

  • Show how many people signed up on the Landing page.
  • Show how many people purchased “X plan” on the Pricing page to make potential customers more likely to take action.
  • Show the number of people that have visited your page in the last X days.
  • Show how many people completed a form if the visitor is at a certain part of a form too.


Mailchimp.com - Email automations

Of course you have heard of MailChimp, but are you using it properly?

Unfortunately, most people won’t be ready to convert right away so you will need to follow up with them!

How are you capturing those email addresses and creating a simple campaign to try to get get a least some of them to convert later on?

MailChimp enables you to do this for up to 2000 people for free, how much revenue could you bring by capturing and following up with 2000 leads?



This one might seem a bit of an unusual recommendation but it’s extremely crucial to make the most of your website and make it a tool to acquire customers.

Funnelytics allows you to plan funnels 100% for free.

You can define and iterate how users should flow around your website and plan ways to keep interacting with them, educating them on your product and try to convert them before they leave your website.

You can even plan more complex funnels that include email campaigns that send people back to the website.

Why am I showing this tool?

Like I said in the Mailchimp section, you need a way to follow up with most potential customers that are NOT ready to convert at the moment (or need more information).

The Landing page won’t convert everyone, instead you need to send different groups of people to different parts of the website to convert them long term.

I made a quick video explaining how you can come up with a funnel like this to generate predictable revenue from your Landing page and why most startups fail to get to get it right. Here’s the link to the video.

Final Thoughts

These tools are not a replacement for fixing a Landing page that’s is not converting well but, it can enable you to compensate for it and even get you some feedback on what might need to be changed later on.

These tools are free, if you can get a few more customers with these I am literally giving you free money. You’re welcome!

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