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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

3-10x Your (Qualified) SaaS Demos With These Landing Page Strategies

3-10x the SaaS demos

Want to get more qualified SaaS Demos to sell high ticket SaaS?

If so, this guide is for you! The 10+ principles you'll see here helped other SaaS companies (aka my clients) go from some literally waisting money on ads to getting several demos per day (maxing out their allowed time).

And you know what? I'll make a bold claim.

All of the strategies you'll see here you either never heard of them or you are not currently using them.

That's the kind of content you can expect from me ;)

Also, not only these have worked with all of my clients but it also works for my business too (check the image below)

[Proof] The Results You Can Get With These Strategies

SaaS demo calendar
I can fill my own calendar with hot leads with only a homepage and my articles, see if you qualify to talk here (30 sec)

I can book several calls per week with potential clients without any paid traffic and almost no SEO traffic. For context, these calls came from only 1 article!

I filtered the calendar views so 100% of the calls you see here come from articles just like this one and keep in mind I limit and qualify my calls to a max of 2 per day, otherwise, I can't get anything done ;)

Here's Some More Proof...

emails about getting more SaaS demos
Want to see if I can get you the same results? Book a free strategy session here.

Those are amazing results considering they all come from paid traffic and they see high ticket services!

Why I'm showing you this?

Well...Just so you know you're learning from the right guy that makes it work for both his clients and his own business...

You're not learning "BS Marketing Theory 101" here ;)

Want to learn how to do it? Let's get to the 10+ strategies! 👇

Why Getting (Qualified) SaaS Demos Is "Hard"...

But first let's identify why your website might not be getting enough demos at the moment (you can also apply for a free strategy session here)

Maybe you attract the wrong people...

Maybe people are confused about your scheduling process...

Maybe your not explaining the product well enough...

Maybe your lacking some funnel tweaks to improve your conversions...

All of this can make you spend way too much money to get a qualified demo and too acquire a customer and it's hard to scale that way :(

And can you get high ticket customers without demos?

Sorry...You can't!

(unless you want to spend your days cold calling, cold emailing, doing Linked in outreach or keeping up with all of the "networking" events)

Let's face it, scheduling demos can be huge commitment for your visitors even-though it's the right way to sell the product (it's nearly impossible to sell high ticket SaaS with free trials).

In order to let your website generate a predictable source of qualified demos you'll need to get these 3 pillars right (and working together). 👇

Pillar #1 - Positioning Your Product

Your potential customers are always wondering "Is this for me?"

Positioning sounds like a fancy word but great positioning only has 2 goals.

1) Help you attract only the high quality leads. Basically, you look at how you attracted your best, easiest or higher paying customers and you reverse engineer how to attract more of these and turn off the low quality leads that never convert and only waste your time (those suck!).

2) Make your product seem like the perfect solution for THEM...This is huge! Getting this right requires a lot of experience in finding out what aspects of your product are really important for your customer.

I do both of these by listening to recordings clients give me of their demos, by checking frequents questions (and some other sources) and turning them into a list that I later prioritise to define the strategy and the messaging for all of the pages I'm optimizing.

This requires both my experience/process and an outside perspective as it's hard to look at your own business this way...

Here are some positioning improvements you can easily do without the experience and an outside perspective. 👇

The Demo Is For Them, Not For You!

Good headline example from this cool company.

Even though I don't like contact forms (better strategy later in the article) the headline here was pretty good to exemplify this!

My point is, you should NEVER make the demo seem focused on your product, instead, focus on their problem or the result they want.

This is about them fixing a problem not you trying to sell them. Weirdly enough, this will also make it easier to sell :P

Examples of headlines for your demo booking page:

1) "Let's see how you can automate ______"

2) "Let's see how you can increase _____ "

3) "Let's see how [your tool] can improve _____ "

4) "Let's see how [your tool] can eliminate  _____ "

5) "Let's see how you can increase _____ without _______"

(and endless other ideas depending on your niche or product)

Mind The Audience!

Saas demo CTA - which one should you use
Which of the these terms should you use?

In the tech world everyone is familiar with "Request a Demo" or even "Get a Free Trial" but what about your potential customers?

Are they tech savvy?

Are they aware of free demonstrations?

More importantly, are they used to this kind of procedure when they buy products for their business?

Whatever confuses people will delay their decision to book a demo which, in turn, will delay their decision to buy...to... NEVER!

LASER Focus!

SaaS demos with laser focused messaging
Results from one of my clients once I helped him make his target laser focused. Want similar results? See if you qualify here

Before working with me this client was using generic landing pages so no one understood how they could get the result they wanted using their product and they wouldn't even try for FREE!

I rewrote their pages to focus on one segment at a time and he started closing annual contracts with the same type of people who wouldn't bother to try it for free... That's how powerful this is!

People want to see THEIR problems, THEIR benefits and the result THEY want so if you want the best quality leads and/or at lower cost you'll need to get hyper focused with your  messaging (more on this in pillar #3).

This is RARELY done right... Let's be honest, don't think you're already doing this part right because you'd already be getting enough demos and you wouldn't be reading this article ;)

How Easily Can You Switch?

Switching from their current process to using your product is always hard and overwhelming, even if your product is 10x better!

How will you overcome that?

You need to make the switch seem easy and/or fast.

Do you have any way to make them feel the change is going to be easy and the results is going to be worth the change?

Maybe you integrate with tools they use so it's easy to migrate...

Maybe your support is amazing and the onboarding is super easy...

Or even your product is so easy to use that it doesn't require any setup...

Whatever it is make sure to talk about that EVERYWHERE on your website!

Pillar #2 - Funnel Tweaks To Get More Demos

I'm sticking to some of the most powerful tweaks you can do to your funnel so you don't get overwhelmed with a billion ways to do this...

Trust me, all of these combined can lead to huge boosts in the number of demos you get.

But First... Ignore Your Conversion Rates!

People will go to your website, browse around, (maybe) come back days later and a small percentage of them will eventually convert (if you're lucky).

Since this journey is a bit messy you won't be able to track this properly anyway!

What you need to focus on is the cost per qualified demo, that's all that matters in the end.

This is a high touch approach that always converts a bit worse than a low touch approach regardless of how good you are at converting visitors...

Besides...Who cares?

You're selling high ticket so you don't need huge numbers to increase your MRR anyway ;)

[Easy Fix] Kill The Contact Form!

contact forms suck to get SaaS demos
Bad example of a contact form, DON'T USE THESE!!!

"We'll get in touch"... "Want a demo?" ...  "Contact Us"

Think about your own buying habits... Would you like to wait to get a reply and then have to decide on a time to call in an email!?

It's like you want people to do the work for you... Jesus, It's almost like you don't want to get demos at all!

SaaS demos better than a contact form
Calendly (or similar) is easier most of the times. Works really well to schedule free strategy sessions

There's an easy fix... Just embed a Calendly event or any similar tool. I usually stick with Calendly on my booking page.

Why? Because it's a lower commitment. First, people think about the time they are available and only after that they will get the qualifying questions in order to complete their submission.

They already invested some effort before getting to the questions so they are more likely to complete the entire thing (scientist called this "Micro commitments").

This way you won't get 10 demo requests from a contact form and only 2 bothered to turn into actual demos... That sucks :(

(ALWAYS) Provide Alternatives!

Around 70% of people that want your product are simply not ready to get a demo RIGHT NOW.

So what should you do? You either provide an alternative or you lose the lead (FOREVER).

Here are few ways to convert these leads (in other ways) and eventually turn them into qualified demos. 👇

Phone Numbers

phone numbers for SaaS demos
Example from one of my clients

This is great specially for less technical people that are not as familiar with requesting demos.

In some cases it also provides more trust that you're there to help them and answer any questions.


This example has several options even though I'm showcasing the live chat part

This is very similar to the phone number strategy and the results will depend on your niche and how likely they are to respond to these messages.

In my opinion, I think people are becoming a bit numb to these.

Exit Popups

This is the exit popup I have on my blog and regardless of the content of the article the conversion rates have been fairly consistent

This works (REALLY) well if you display the right offer.

Exit popups are only annoying if their message is not valuable to your visitor.

If you provide them with a lead magnet, more valuable content, a special offer (and many other examples) people will convert too!

In my experience with both my clients and my business (as you can see in the screenshot) you can get a 2%-3% conversion rate with these and turn some of them into demos if your exit popup "offer" is done properly.

Lead Magnets

If you do content marketing this is extremely powerful.

All of your content should have an offer related to that content and if it is you can convert around 5-10% of people into a lead magnet that could (if positioned properly) could convert 20-30% of those leads into demos (that could mean an extra 2% end-to-end).

This can be done with strategies such as "the thank you page magic" you see below.

What's the compound effect of having these offers across all of your content?

The Thank You Page "Magic"

The power of offering something simple (like a lead magnet) and then offering the demo afterwards

Every time your visitors converts to a lead magnet make sure to offer a demo or something related on the thank you page (the page you redirect them to).

Why? Because people are more likely to convert right after they have converted even if it was just a small thing like a lead magnet.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

What if you could convert only 10% more of your lead magnets into demos?

The "Group" Demo

Example: Helpscout uses webinars to create trust and generate leads

Some of my clients use this and I can tell you this works pretty well!!

People are usually afraid of 1-on-1 demos because they don't want to be sold to but you can use webinars to both provide value and get to show your product a bit.

The goal of these webinars is NOT to sell the product but instead to convince people to get a 1-on-1 demo to learn more.

If you try to do everything at once it won't work, everything needs a single goal... That's it!

Pillar #3 - Those Were EASY, Here's The HARD Part!

You can implement most of the strategies above and get some results without that much experience (even though they wouldn't be 100% optimized) but the biggest pillar is hard to get right...

It's the #1 reason why clients hire me as (in their mind) I'm the "only guy" who knows how to do it for SaaS companies.

Pillar #3 is getting the messaging right.

Targeting the right people...

With the right message....

In a way they clearly understand how your product is an easy ROI for them...

Speak Their Language!

speak their language to get more SaaS demos
Me finding what's important for the potential customers of one of my client projects (I do this on all of my projects tho)

Your visitors need to understand at least some of the ways they can get value from your product before signing up for a demo but if you don't explain the product right it won't work.

You need to speak their language, use the same exact terms they do so your explanation can be effective.

So... How can you do this?

You just have to pay attention how people describe their problems, the benefits, the results they want and their ideal solution. You can find these in the demo calls (I hope you record most of those...), frequent questions, objections and common misconceptions  and you'll find everything you need!

After that it's all about prioritising them and finding a way to include that on your SaaS Landing pages (like I was doing in the document above).

Explain Their Problem (sounds dumb, I know...)

Always explain the problem. I use it on every landing page I design, here's the formula/cheatsheet I use

Always introduce the problem... for 2 HUGE reasons.

1) People buy SaaS products to fix a problem. If they don't know which problem your product fixes why should they convert?

2) By explaining the problem you are reminding them of how painful it is and making them more likely to take action to fix it (by converting).

Oh and not just any problem... The CORE problem.

The problem they are REALLY willing to pay for (the other ones are not nearly as effective).

It could be saving hours of their time, getting more revenue, a proven process to follow etc... That's what you need to find out (I do this for clients too).

The "Oh, If I Knew That..." (80% Of People Have This)

This is why you're missing out on 70-80% more demos!

This is honestly the deepest strategy here but also the hardest to pull of/ do it yourself.

Here's an example: I was doing some discovery with a client and found out it was really hard for their potential customers to change tools.

In their niche the tools are super complex and so is their process so you can imagine how painful it is to switch tools even if you really want to.

Most of their customers were only booking a demo once someone thought "Enough! I'm sick of doing it this way, let's try out that tool!".

They could have converted people WAY before they got to that stage, so that's what I was trying to justify when I was working on their pages.

I ended up finding out that they provide a dedicated support person for every new account which means the potential customer's biggest concern was already solved... I just needed to make that very obvious on their website!

Guess what? They are not alone!

This happens with ALL of my clients projects, ~ 50% of the time it even happens in my free discovery call (before they become a client)!

There Are EVEN More Strategies...

List of strategies to get SaaS demos
I even keep a list of the billion ways there are to get more demos. See which one you might need here

I have more MANY more "tricks", tweaks and strategies...

I even keep a Dropbox Paper document with ideas I can use with my clients so it's easy for me to remember them.

Want the full list? Let's discuss which strategies you'll might need

Here's (By Far) The Biggest One!

Here are the requirements for a perfect strategy for YOUR company...

It's taking some of the tips above and applying at the RIGHT one, at the RIGHT time.

That's the strategy with the biggest impact.

So... How can you find that out?

I know it can be hard to make yourself have an outside perspective.

So don't even try... it's not possible!

Let's bring an outsider, with a fresh perspective... See if you qualify for a free strategy session here.

(that also knows how 10's of other B2B SaaS companies fail, succeed , their strategies, marking costs and much more...)

They Trust Me For A Reason...

SaaS demos clients
Some of my clients, do you qualify to be one of them? See if you're a fit in 30 sec.

If you sell high ticket SaaS and are you're converting most of your demos (you just need to get more) than most likely I can help you (see if you qualify in 30 sec).

If I could help you acquire a few more customers a month (predictably), how much would that be worth to you?

See if you qualify here, and if you do you, you just need to book a quick call using the simple Calendly widget I have on the page (no contact forms, those suck...).

After you book a free strategy call, we'll figure out the following things.

  • What's keeping you from predictably acquiring more customers with your website.
  • If we are a perfect fit in terms of stage, availability etc...
  • Which strategy would work for YOU, YOUR company, YOUR goals and YOUR problems!
Sounds like a plan? Book a free strategy session here.
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