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The Best SaaS Landing page examples I’ve seen (+ their secrets for conversion)

Usually, I don’t advise anyone to use other websites as reference since they have different business needs and people need to understand their context and their strategy to be able to apply them properly.

It’s extremely rare that you find SaaS Landing pages with a great focus on converting visitors into customers and not only the pretty stuff.

I’ve compiled the best examples of SaaS Landing pages I’ve seen over the years (1000’s of them) into actionable examples you can use as reference!

In this article, I also break down why they are great examples and how you can use them in your own SaaS website to convert more visitors into customers.

Clear Header examples

Aka top of the page.

This will be your first impression of your product and if you don’t get it right people will leave the page within a few seconds and not give you chance to explain your product.

What makes a great header?

  • Explains what it does and introduces what problem it might fix
  • Creates curiosity in visitors to learn more about the product as you can only fit so much info at the beginning of the page.
  • Avoids high bounce rates (people leaving without go beyond your Landing page)


CrazyEgg - Amazing top of landing page
CrazyEgg Header

What I like about this header is that it doesn’t explain what CrazyEgg is right away, but instead, focuses on the problem it’s fixing!

It also creates a bit of curiosity by not showing anything else about the product if you don’t click the link at the end.

This can work very well but in CrazyEgg’s case their Landing page is an article (as they do a ton of content marketing) so they have bit more trust of providing some value first in their articles and relating their tool as the solution.


Lobe.ai - Amazing explanation using a gif/video

AI-based products usually have extremely hard to understand pages as they are written by their technical founders especially in the early days.

This just makes for a terrible explanation of the product and no reason to convert :(

Lobe.ai is the exception to this rule, this is the best explanation of an AI product I’ve ever seen!!

You can see exactly how it works and it’s a great example of using great visuals to explain things by themselves and using some text to provide a bit more context if people are interested.

They rely a lot on gifs so you need to check the live version to get the full picture.


Plutio.com - Video explainer preview (see live version to see how it works)

This a very simple header and to be honest, it doesn’t even provide a lot of context in the title.

The great takeaway here is the preview of the video explanation that the founder did which creates a TON of curiosity to watch that video.

Sometimes is 100x easier to explain the value of your product with a video but still extremely hard to get most people to watch it, using a preview is a great way to do it!

Perspective funnels

You can understand how it works with the video preview on the right side

The entire website is a great example of a great funnel for SaaS startups, if you look at the details they are doing an amazing job.

You can understand the value proposition from the title and the video on the side.

It’s one of those amazing examples where you can see the value right at the top of the page (#goals).

Another thing that I liked is offering a webinar/course to educate people on their product as a scalable way to do demos and convert them into customers (although it’s in German and I can’t study them…).

Great CTA’s that convert more visitors

Appropriate CTA’s are extremely important in a Landing page!

Most likely, your visitors are not ready to convert right away so dividing them into groups and answering their objections throughout the website is an amazing way to convert as many of them as possible.

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Great way to increase sign up or demo conversions

This is a great way to remind your visitors of why they are here and what value they are getting from a free trial.

A common problem is getting some people to click the sign-up button but most of them never complete the process...This is an easy way to fix it!

You could also use the exact same layout to schedule more demos (especially for high-ticket SaaS).


Lobe.ai - Great CTA's at the end to make you learn more

At the end of their landing page, you’ll get a bunch of examples of how you could use their technology for different applications.

Although they ended up not taking full advantage of this…

Here’s how they could have made an incredible funnel just with these examples at the end:

  • They could have used these pages to find out which use case people are more interested in by tracking which pages people visit more.
  • Drive targeted traffic depending on the niche/application and make the product fill 100% tailored to that niche (which converts way better).
  • Use retargeting ads to convert people that have been on a certain page with a custom campaign depending on their niche.

What a gold mine this would be :)


Roadmap - amazing strategy for their CTA's at the end of each page

These CTA’s at the end enable them to control your journey around their website.

Basically, you could convert right away (if you are ready) or you could go from a cold visitor (who doesn’t know anything about their product) to knowing exactly what they do, what results they can get, how much it costs and a bunch of success stories to convince you to convert.

It’s a great strategy and one that I’ve barely ever seen used properly in SaaS!

To be honest, it’s very similar to the strategy I use at the end of my articles (as you’ll find that later).

This enables me to make cold visitors binge read my articles until they want to jump on a call to give me $$$ to solve their problems around conversion/funnels.


Helpscout - Creating trust and converting visitors long-term using content

These guys have a ton of great content to educate potential customers on how to fix their problems and at the same time show exactly how Helpscout can fix them (aka amazing content marketing).

On their Landing page, they have this CTA’s where you can get some free training and eventually make you opt-in with your email for some of their content.

They can later use a drip email campaign to warm you up until you get a free trial or a demo.

This is how the real Pros do it! :)

But why should you educate these potential customers?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Providing value for free creates a ton of trust.
  • You can get people to opt-in and convert them long term because these are people that would otherwise not convert right away (and you’ll probably never have another chance to convert them).
  • An educated customer understands the value you provide and it’s more likely to convert, stay an active user and know how to refer your product to their friends!

Amazing Social proof examples

Testimonials are completely overused nowadays...Everyone is either using them or faking them!

How will you stand out?

How can you convert people that are becoming numb to the only social proof you have!?

What makes for the ultimate social proof?

  • It’s relatable. People want to see social proof from people they can relate to, otherwise, they can’t see themselves getting the results and value your product can provide.
  • It’s believable. Sometimes it’s even better to use some amateur videos or interviews as they are more believable than some text on the landing page (which is also easier to miss while scrolling through the page).
  • It’s result driven. No one cares about how awesome someone on twitter thinks your product is...You need to write result driven testimonials and highlight the benefits from the rest of the text (Example: This got me 340% more leads in 2 months”).


Helpscout - Amazing testimonials right below the header

These are great and they appear right below the header, that’s the way to create some proper authority!

Since they created this much authority at the beginning people will perceive their explanation of the product differently and are even more likely to pay attention.

You can also click on that link to see more customer stories and see a page absolutely full of videos and testimonials, that’s the ultimate social proof :)


Lattice.com - Great social proof!

A great example that shows the thousands of customers they have and the big companies they have helped but also focuses on individual customer stories that are easier to relate too.

By focusing on one case study or testimonial at the time it increases the chances of people actually reading it and not be overwhelmed by a ton of testimonials at the same time.


EmbedSocial - Showing what a proper case study looks like :)

That’s a proper result driven case-study!

You’re supposed to show exactly what results you could create for your potential customers as no one likes to be the one taking all the risks and not getting results.

Your potential customers need to believe they can get the same results otherwise there’s no point in signing up.


Gusto - customer stories

This is a great page full of great customer stories.

But... What I want to highlight are not these stories/testimonials!

Instead, noticed that as they provide the images of the teams their potential customers they can see which team size Gusto is ideal for and relate to their results 10x better.

A VERY small and unconscious detail but one with a ton of power!

Great product explanation

Not explaining the product in a very clear and simple way is something a ton of companies get wrong!

Don’t expect people to try your product to see if it will work for them nowadays that’s just a fantasy…

You need to explain how amazing your product is and the results it can bring so they curious enough to convert… Otherwise you don’t stand a chance!

Here are a few rare examples that are very direct, clear and easy to understand.


CrazyEgg - great explanation of the benefits

They show exactly the pain points their potential customers are having with other tools and showing how easily they can do that with CrazyEgg.

Each section also links to a video demo so visitors get the full picture of how it works.

Perspective funnels

PerspectiveFunnels - the gif explains it all (and how fast it is)

Just with this gif of someone using their product you can tell extremely easily that this is a tool where you can create some mobile funnels inside your Instagram stories or ads.

Because their tool is so simple and the context they provided in the header was so well done that they can explain 80% of their product from a 10-sec video :P


Roadmap - This vertical layout removes all the distractions

This is one of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen lately!

Basically the website as a limited width so it forces you to scroll down and read most of the website without any distractions.


Airtame - Splitting the audience to explain the benefits better

If you have customer personas with different needs or use cases it’s extremely important to use your Landing page to split your audience and provide them with a tailored message.

Airtame splits their visitors into different use cases as you can see above (Business + Education).

Amazing Content Marketing/ Resources

You might be thinking...What does Content Marketing have to do with a SaaS Landing page!?


If you use content marketing to get some customers then most of the times, your Landing page will be an article!

The whole point of content marketing is to get traffic and attention to your product which is (or should be) aligned with the content they are reading from you.

If your visitors don’t get passed the article they will never learn about your product and obviously no matter how many articles you write or how many traffic you get you won’t be able to scale customer acquisition.

Here are a few great examples on how you can do it properly!


Helpscout - getting leads with PDF guides

Enabling people to download the pdf version of a huge guide and getting their email address as a result.

They can use this opportunity to send them a drip email campaign to make them convert long term.

Great way to collect emails and increase the time on the website (for SEO + Conversion purposes)

Here we have the newsletter acting as another way to get their email address and also a singular CTA to read the next article.

This controls which articles they read (while also providing the value they need) so they can educate their visitors until they want to convert.

Helpscout - Reading list

Using a similar tactic as the example above, it reuses the content they already have and delivers it in a very step-by-step “guide” so they can control what people read until they warm them up for a free trial or a demo.


CrazyEgg - CTA at the end of each article

This is a great way to take advantage of content marketing as it creates the curiosity to go from an article to checking out more info about their product and convert some of their visitors.

If you use content marketing to get traffic I would strongly advise you to add a section like this at the end of every article so people can learn more about your product.


Close - CTA in the middle of the valuable content

This company offers a TON of free resources and they probably get a ton of potential customers on their website that want to learn more about sales.

They then use CTA all around their blog to get people on a free trial of their CRM.


Adexpresso - Making people read more until step 4 where they can show their product.

If you notice the numbers on the side you can see that this article belongs to a bigger guide.

This way they not only control what people read but also educate people about Facebook ads, once they understand the ads enough they would be WAY more likely to give AdEspresso a shot (as you can see in step 4).

Final Thoughts

Whenever you are looking for reference for your website be EXTREMELY critical about the context that page was made plus you don’t even know if it works!

I did my best to compile the best examples that you can take action right now and the goal is for you the ignore all the noise on the “Landing page inspiration websites” and use something that is actually proven to work.

Your conversions are only as good as your Strategy (not the tactics!)

I already gave you a list of amazing tactics you can use but...Do you know where to use them and scale them?

Every case is different and context is everything.

Do you want a pretty page or a predictable system that turns your visitors into customers and really scales your customer acquisition?

If you choose the latter let’s hop on a call to see what’s really going on with your strategy/funnel see and if you qualify to work with me.

This is only for people that want to really scale beyond cold emails, cold calling or getting customers from their network... You want to move into a funnel that acquires 1000’s of customers…

If that’s you just schedule a free strategy session below.

Schedule your free strategy session here.

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What to read next

Breaking down a SaaS Landing page step-by-step

What to read next

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