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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

How To Convert High Ticket SaaS Customers With Your Website

I'm sure you've experienced this -> High Ticket SaaS customers are WAY harder to convert.

And you would be correct! With longer conversion cycles, higher prices to justify and normally more complicated products to explain which leaves your website with no margin for error otherwise you won't convert.

It's not all bad news tho...High ticket SaaS models also have amazing advantages such as a much higher customer LTV and way more room to make paid traffic work!

In this step-by-step guide I'll show you the key pillars to converting high ticket SaaS customers with your website.

These come from years of working with several high ticket SaaS that range from multiple 6 to 8 figures. I'll reveal some of the strategies I've helped them with ;)

#1 - Don't do this...

mailchimp, intercome and slacks landing page suck for high ticket SaaS
Slack, Mailchimp, Intercom... You might think these are great but these can't help you sell your product. They are not good enough!

Don't use websites from other companies as reference!

Popular website designs like Mailchimp, Slack, Intercom (and many more!) might seem "great" but they won't work for your product.

They won't work for 3 HUGE reasons:

1) They are "commodities". Most of these companies offer $10-$50 a month products that don't require major budget related decisions. Most of the times the only reason they are able to get here is because they were acquiring customers at a loss for many years until they became profitable. Do you have that opportunity?

2) They are "famous". People either know the company or the product or were referred by a friend. There's a massive difference between converting someone warm (like they do) to converting someone cold that never heard of your company or your product (most likely this is your case).

3) You don't know a lot of things. You don't know if it's working, you don't know the decisions behind it, you don't know if it would work for you (spoiler alert: it won't) and you probably don't have a pile of cash to spend trying to figure it out (again, thank their investors!).

Because of all of these points, they can "afford" to not be as good, you can't.

In your case, you'll probably have to convert a stranger into a customer and to make that happen you need to get a lot of these things right 👇.

#2 - EVERYTHING Has To Be On Point!

high ticket SaaS pillars
If any of these fail it won't work!

Again, you're not selling something cheap at $10 a month.

People don't mind giving it a try for $10/month but for $100, $500, $1000, $10,000/month?

Not so much... That's why your stuff needs to be on point.

You need to explain the product perfectly...

You can't leave any objection unanswered...

You need to make visitors see themselves getting a huge ROI out of your product...

You need to talk to the "right" person...

And if any of this fails? Well, you probably won't convert much :(

Want to learn how to get all of these right? I wrote a step-by-step guide for that here.

#3 - Who Do You Think You're Talking To!?

which high ticket SaaS customers are you targeting
Are you targeting the decision maker?

Imagine you explain the product perfectly...

People can see exactly how they can get a HUGE ROI with your product...

You answered all of their objections (questions that keep them from converting)...

You made the decision to convert stupid easy...

But what if you were targeting the WRONG person?

What if the person making the decision to purchase is NOT the one using the product?

Here's An Example:

Let's say your product helps developers save hours by finding mistakes in their code and therefore saves a lot of their time and avoids costly mistakes.

You could explain that product perfectly to a developer and they could be very exited about it but they are not the ones making the decision to purchase, are they?

Your website needs to explain the product very well to the CFO or the CEO too (imagine these are the decision makers) otherwise they won't see the value and they won't convert!

This is especially common in HR software since the people that would use it (or want it) are mostly the employees or HR managers but the ones making the decision and/or searching for a solution are the Directors of operations or the C level executives.

Are You Targeting The Right Person?

Think about it... sometimes this alone can give you a huge boost in conversions!

Are you targeting the decision maker?

Or are you letting people show your product to their boss and have them say "doesn't seem worth it". Are you losing the perfect sale?

Same product, same niche but if you don't target the perfect person inside a company you still won't get a sale :(

#4 - (Always) Mind The Costs!

Example from a client project. Censored for privacy ;)

There are always costs to getting your product.

3 Different Types of Costs

1) Your actual cost, aka the amount of money you charge per month. This can easily be overcome if you explain the product properly and if you compare the price to something else like the example above (price anchoring is the fancy term for this).

2) The switching cost. This is usually way bigger than your actual cost, at least that's what potential customers think... You need to make your product seem like an easy transition from their current process. To do this, you can show you have amazing support, great onboarding, guides, integrations with the tools they already use or even that you can import data from the tools they want to stop using and so on... (depends on your product).

3) Opportunity cost. This is pretty big too but not for you, for them. You can use it to your advantage by showing them how much are losing by not converting NOW. This will help you a lot to get them to convert as soon as possible because lack of urgency always kills the sale.

Are you optimising your messaging for all of these costs?

People are going to think about them anyway, so you might as well control what they think about them!

(creepy, I know...)

#5 - You, You, You NOT Me, Me, Me

results from a SaaS landing page
The results from one of my client projects (before and after my help). Want results like these? Apply for a free consultation here

No! It's not about your product!

It's not about how fast, better or whatever benefits you came up with...

And it's definitely not about your features...

It's about how other's perceive it!

And guess what?

Different Niches = Different People = Different benefits = You need different Landing pages.

You see, people need to understand how THEY can use it and they don't care about anyone else.

Your product might be able to help a lot of different people but if you try to target all of them you'll convert no one!

That's what was happening to one of my clients but then I fixed it in 3 steps (full video case study here).

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#6 - Make It Easy (For You)!

This is all about leverage and positioning, both of which are covered in more detail in this short video.

#6.1 Leverage: Steal Other People's Customers

Do you want to pay to convert your own customers or do you want to get other's people's?

I don't mean stealing customers from your competition, I mean getting your target customer from other products.

It could be from products yours integrates with... App and integration directories are good for this.

It could be partnerships with consultants. They could get you 10+ high ticket customers (per consultant), specially if you offer them affiliate fees ;)

So, think about it -> Who already has your ideal customers?

There are many ways of doing this but they depend on your niche and product, if you would like to understand how that could apply to yours feel free to apply for a free consultation here.

#6.2 Positioning: Be Perceived as Unique & 10x Better Than Your Competition

Don't target everyone...

Don't even target everyone in your niche!

Target the "easy" ones.

The ones that could benefit from your product the most which, most likely, they are also the ones who could pay the most for your product!

My point is: Focus on people that are actively trying to fix the problem your product fixes.

Only focus on people that are already spending money trying to fix it, screw the rest!

This is one of the pillars to making your conversion rates better and reducing your CAC from paid traffic.

#7 - Stack and Scale!

niche stacking to get high ticket customers
This how you convert cold visitors into customers. This is a glimpse of step #3 of my niche stacking strategy.

Now that you've identified the easiest people to target and you have specific landing pages to target them (and easily convert them), it's time to stack them.

This means you would be sending targeted traffic from several niches or sources (with their own mini funnel) and having all of them convert customers.

If all of them were turning cold visitors into customers everyday what would be the compound effect of that.

This is what I call my niche stacking strategy.

Here's The Best Part

I've got this process down to a 3 step funnel formula.

Unfortunately this article (so it isn't crazy long) only covers 2 out of the 3 steps, here's a short video showing the rest (no opt-in needed).

I'll also show you a short case study of what happened to one of my clients once he implemented this.

They went from potential customers not even considering to get a free trial to closing annual contracts... What?!

See how I did it in this video. No email opt-in, just value ;)

I'll Show You How to Do It (FREE)

high ticket SaaS case study
Case study from one of my clients. Learn how I did here.

Want to go even deeper on how to turn cold visitors into customers?

I've broken down my 3 step funnel formula in this short video.

It also reveals how I helped one of my clients go from struggling to get free trials to closing annual contracts!

Get the full 3 step formula here. Just a video, no email opt-ins just value ;)

Or... Do You Want Me To Do It For You?

Some of my clients, do you qualify to be one of them? See if you're a fit in 30 sec.

Many companies have choose to let me help them instead.

I get it... They were very overwhelmed with their other responsibilities and they just wanted someone external to follow a proven process for them.

Do you want to see if you qualify to be a client? See if you're a fit here (30 sec)

If I could help you acquire a few more customers a month (predictably), how much would that be worth to you?

See if you qualify here, and if you do you, you just need to book a quick call using the simple Calendly widget I have on the page.

After you book a free strategy call, we'll figure out the following things.

  • What's keeping you from predictably acquiring more customers with your website.
  • If we are a perfect fit in terms of stage, availability etc...
  • Which strategy would work for YOU, YOUR company, YOUR goals and YOUR problems!
Sounds like a plan? Book a free strategy session here.
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