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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

Optimizing for Traffic Temperature In SaaS Landing Pages

So you are sending traffic to your Landing page but some people convert right away, some come back later to eventually convert and the other 99% is gone forever, why is that?

Well, not all visitors are equally ready or educated about your product to convert right away!

Not only you have to optimize your Landing page but also the traffic you drive to it!

In this article, I will refer to this phenomenon as “Traffic Temperature”.

What the hell is Traffic Temperature?

Traffic temperature is a simple benchmark of how cold, warm or hot the traffic is. These differences have a HUGE effect on conversion rates, so don’t ignore them.

This is why you ABSOLUTELY shouldn’t use websites from bigger SaaS companies for reference, here’s an article on why that is and what you can do instead.

The 3 Main Traffic Temperatures

Hot Traffic

You gotta love these visitors!

The problem you are solving is so painful for them and their understanding of how you can fix it is so good that they just need to be directed to a CTA in order to become a customer.

These people either know you (and trust you), know your company or know how you can fix their problem (they were looking for the solution and luckily stumbled upon yours).

Guess what? This is not scalable!

You can’t replicate this since these customers are very rare and might even give you the wrong insights on how to convert other potential customers.

Warm Traffic

These visitors either have heard about your business before or are at least somewhat familiar with the problem you are solving or the solution you are offering.

This means one of the biggest reasons they are not converting is because your website is not explaining something very important to them that is keeping them from making the decision to convert.

Likely this is a big objection that you haven’t answered or a very important feature/benefit you haven’t mentioned (or that is being misunderstood)

Most of the first customers a Startup gets come from this group and are not that hard to convert when using the proper messaging.

But...guess what? Still not scalable!

These people have seen your business before or are familiar with the problem you are solving tho they are much easier to convert they are still a small percentage of the traffic you will get.

Cold traffic

These people don't know anything about your product, your company or how you can fix their problems and as you can guess, these are the hardest to convert. BUT...Most of your potential customers will be in this situation and this is the only way you can grow a lot and greatly increase your customer acquisition (and revenue as a result).

Converting cold traffic into customers is the difference between the most profitable startups in the world and the thousands of failed startups.

Successful Startups, know how to turn cold visitors into warm visitors that are aware of how their product works and they can benefit from it.

This what I specialize on. If you want to know how it could work for your startup, you schedule a free consultation here.

How to go from Cold to Hot Traffic

Like you can probably tell from my explanations above, this transition is not easy at all.

But...Just imagine sending some cold traffic and knowing that a good percentage of those visitors will become customers?

Also known as Predictable Revenue!! How would that change your business?

And...How is this possible?

Simple, you divide the audience! Here’s how you can do it.

Step #1 - Assume they are cold

You should use your Landing page as if all your visitors didn’t know almost anything about your product, how it works and even the problem it solves.

This way you can try to convert cold traffic while still getting people to convert from warm and how traffic.

Step #2 - Split the Audience

Since not all visitors will be as likely to convert, logically, you would need to divide and target them individually, right?

You simply have to take these groups and make them execute different CTA’s. I like to call these “Alternative CTA’s”

Examples of Alternative CTA’s

  • “Learn more” links
  • Blog posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Live demo’s

I wrote a whole section about these in this article.

Step #3 - Create specific pages

For each big source of traffic create a specific page for each source of traffic so you can be more specific about what they need and able to convert way more of them.

Does that sound like too much work? Well, it’s not!

If you create well thought out page templates you can simply change the text and the images and get a very targeted page with minimal work.

Here’s an example

Bitrefill (a company I have worked with) simply needs to change a few words and logos to generate endless SPECIFIC pages for vouchers with cryptocurrency.

This enables Bitrefill to target the die-hard communities for each currency or even the places that sell a voucher for a specific service with only 1 page.

Step #4 - The Money is in the Follow-up

If people are not ready to convert right away then why do you only have call to actions to “Try now”, “Buy now” and “Sign up now”? It doesn’t make sense...

You need alternatives so you can keep following up and warm up those potential customers until they convert.

Here are a few good ways to do this:

  • Lead magnets
  • Email campaigns
  • Retargeting with ads (if someone has visited your website you can show an ad to make them come back to the website in case they are more ready to convert)

Step #5 - Learn and repeat

Know that you have this simple system in place you can keep reviewing the performance off your pages and keep learning about your potential customers and how to convert them.

This unlocks very valuable insights on how you can replicate this process to convert more visitors in the future with similar needs and objections.

Want to Chat About How Your Startup Could do this too?

Let’s chat about your current problems and what we can do to generate more revenue from your website.

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