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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

SaaS Audits: How To Find Real Conversion Opportunities (+ Free Template)

You're probably missing on a ton of great growth opportunities. Maybe this new type of audit will help ;)

SaaS Audits are great to find opportunities to acquire more customers but they have 2 big problems.

1) You might not know how to go "deep enough" to find the "easy wins" that lead to great results.

2) It's hard to get an outside perspective to find new ideas or simply some opportunity you and/or your team haven't noticed as you're too close to the product/project.

This guide is perfect for designers and marketers involved in the optimisation/changes of the website.

In this step-by-step guide (+ free template) I'll show you how to do a great audit internally (even without outside help).

Here's what I've learned from being an outside consultant for many 7 and 8 figure SaaS companies (limited offer here).  

Warning: I can guarantee you've never used some of these strategies... Enjoy ;)

So...What Makes An AMAZING SaaS Audit?

I'll make a bold claim.

Most audit straight up suck! They are not highly actionable, they can be overwhelming and they only focus on small tweaks with little impact (yes, this is the real world not where BS conversion advice doesn't apply).

Characteristic #1 - FOCUS

A great audit should solve or identify one big problem not 10.

Here are some examples of great goals for an audit:

If we frame these as questions they are easy to identify.

  • "How can we improve the messaging on X page?"
  • "Why are people leaving X page without converting?"
  • "Why is our customer acquisition cost so high?" (or cost per demo or cost per free trial)
  • "Are we going the right direction with these redesign?"
  • "Are we missing something on this page?"

Choose 1 goal and keep following the other steps in this article.

And if you don't? You'll be overwhelmed and end up not implementing any of the changes or you might not identify anything meaningful at all.

Characteristic #2 - They are FAST. Not slow and organised

No, SaaS audits shouldn't take long. Sometimes I even do these valuable ones in 15 mins.

And if you don't do them fast? Ideas will be hard to get and insights harder to find.

It's easy to get biased quickly and the more time you try to spend finding problems the easier it is to focus on the problems instead of the solutions... Not that useful :(

That's why I follow a process (template here) so I can keep getting great/unique ideas to fix the problems and not focus too much on the problem itself (which isn't very productive).

Here's how to do it 👇

Step #1 - Find What's Worth Focusing On

focus SaaS audits
Focus on one goal otherwise it won't work!

I know, analytics can be overwhelming so here's the 80/20 of analytics.

Ask yourself these questions and you'll know which pages you need to focus on in this audit:

Question #1: Which pages are currently getting a ton of traffic but haven’t been optimised recently?

Google Analytics SaaS audits
Use insights if you don't know how find these things inside Google Analytics

Normally there are couple of pages that immediately come to mind but if they don't, just use insights in Google Analytics as it's anyone can easily use it (screenshot above) and look for:

  • Pages with the most traffic
  • Pages that most people visit after the homepage like pricing pages, feature pages...
  • Pages with high bounce rates
  • (and many more)

Question #2: Which pages are DIRECTLY related to your conversion goal (i.e. Free trial or Demo)?

It's useless to select a page that's not related to becoming a customer so this question is pretty important.

Examples of pages directly related to the conversion goal:

  • The contact form (if you want more demos).
  • The sign-up process (if you want more free trials).
  • The pricing page (if people check it before contacting you or even get a free trial).
  • The homepage (it’s your first impression and people might be leaving without converting).
  • PPC landing page (since your spending money on targeted traffic it should be converting well, this audit could be useful to reduce ad costs per conversion and improve conversions overall).

Question #3: What's the last thing you've done that generated good results?

Let's be honest, this quote is SO TRUE 👇

"Do more of what works"

This is the easiest way I identify quick wins when I do audits for my clients.

If you've changed something and have noticed an improvement then it's HIGHLY likely that you still have similar tweaks to do to get even better results!

Step #2 - Improve Messaging Within Your Team

[confusing messaging - We do this, we do that]

Take several elements from your team, ideally the same ones responsible for the website and ask them the following questions:

NOTE: Write these down, otherwise it won’t work!

Q: How would you describe our product to someone outside the company (customer or not)?

Let your team write what comes to mind BEFORE they look at these examples:

  • This is like Stripe (or any other product) for [niche]
  • Our product does [task] without [problem]
  • We help [target] fix [core problem] without [problems your competitors have]
  • Our product fixes [core problem] and we have [a unique selling point]

Besides the cool ideas, this will help you find inconsistencies between your team regarding how they describe the product.

If they describe the product differently how can they work together to make the messaging better?

They can’t! You need to fix those inconsistencies first.

Get the template for this process. Free and without email opt-ins!

Step #3 - Bring The "Perfect" Outside Perspective (Without The Outsider)

Let's be honest, if you work in the same company you won't be able to get a true outside perspective but there's a nice alternative...

You can use the outside perspective from your customers (and potential customers) which (if done right) is EVEN better!

Here's How You Can Get This Outside Perspective:

Terms SaaS audits
Me finding these insights for a client redesign (censored for privacy)

1) Find all of the contacts you have from customers and potential customers. This could mean finding emails, recordings of demos, surveys they filled out, questions they asked and so on...

2) Put that on a Gdoc and highlight what seems important.

3) Notice how they describe their problems, the questions they ask, what keeps them from converting and whatever other insights you can find.

This will tell you what's important to them and the potential changes you need to make in order to adapt to what they want to hear, this could mean:

  • Explaining the value of the product better.
  • Changing, adding or removing sections of a page to optimize for the insights you found.
  • Improving your funnel, adding pages and other tweaks...

These insights are absolute gold and I used them whenever I need to redesign or rewrite a website for a client.

Since we are using reasons why your current customers converted it's super easy to get great results WITHOUT endless iterations ;)

Step #4 - Are You Missing Something?

FAQ from SaaS audits
Objection/questions from a potential customer... Make sure you don't miss these!

If you've done the previous exercise we'll use it again for this step.

Basically, try to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer…

What things would you need to know about the product to make a decision to convert?

List them out and use your team for more suggestions…

Here are some examples (free template here):

  • “I would need to know if the support team would help me set this up”
  • “I want to understand if it helps me fix [core issue]”
  • “Because we use [this tool] I want to know if there are integrations available”
  • “Could I get an ROI?”

Now… Ask yourself: Are you answering these questions on the page(s) you want to improve?

If not, you should! Most people with these questions that don’t bother to convert to get these answers so you’re losing money.

Step #5 - Quantify The Potential Gains

gains saas audits
Always quantify the potential gains of the tweaks you find during the audit otherwise you'll be less likely to implement them

List out everything you found and any ideas you've had to fix them...

How much could you gain from fixing them?

It's super important you try to put a number on it otherwise you won't know if you should prioritise this over other projects or which of optimisation ideas you should try.

(More on this on step 6)

Step #6 - Prioritise The Changes

Focus SaaS Audits
FOCUS! Choose only 1-2 of the opportunities you have so you don't overwhelmed

Take your list of ideas to get more conversions and prioritize them by answering these questions (template here).

Which one would be the easiest to get results?

Which one would have the biggest impact?

Which one is something that as already worked before?

After you answer these you should only have 1-2 REALLY good ideas that are highly likely to get you results.

This is exactly how I find the easy wins for my clients doing my audits (irresistible offer here).

Step #7 - Implement And Repeat

Free template for the audit (no email opt-in)

Obviously, you won't get results unless you implement these things...

Conversion optimization is a never ending task but you don't need to do audits constantly.

Simply wait a couple of months to get some results and you'll eventually find some potential growth opportunities that you can explore with an audit.

Once you need another audit, just follow the process again and get some awesome insights.

Get the template here for free. No email opt-in.

Liked The Template? I Have Something EVEN Better!

I've done my best to let you use a process to find growth opportunities internally but there's a BIG problem...

You can never replace a fresh pair of (experienced) eyes.

Between you and me that's probably the biggest advantage I have when I do audits for my clients.

What if you could get my feedback/outside perspective on your website?

I've worked with SaaS companies anywhere between multiple 6 to 8 figures and I know what works and what doesn't.

What if I do the audit for you? Full details here

I Might Regret This But...

I'm offering these audits for a ridiculous price (and with a good reason).

How does that sound? Actionable feedback from an experienced consultant that save you a bunch of time and find you some great growth opportunities.

Don't worry, I will make a ton of money out of these directly and/or indirectly... I know what I'm doing ;)

[New/Limited Offer] Want Me To "Roast" Your Website?

Testimonial of a simple audit I did

So here's my (irresistible) offer:

  • Comments with feedback on an entire page
  • All the problems I can find
  • A summary of the opportunities you have and how to execute on them

How much would these insights be worth to you?

Want to learn more? Here are the full details, might sound too good to be true ;)
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What to read next

Breaking down a SaaS Landing page step-by-step

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