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SaaS Copywriting: The Product People’s Guide to Finding a Message that Converts

Do you find SaaS Copywriting hard?

As a product person you might tend to focus too much on features or just struggle to explain the product as effectively as possible...

Do you also find it hard to think what you should write?

What to include on the page and what NOT to?

Sick of having your page sounding like a "robot"?

Or just not knowing what will work and having to go through a million iterations before you get the copy working?

If so, you're NOT alone!

I help SaaS Companies convert more visitors through better product explanation/messaging and I've seen where product people struggle.

I'll take those insights to create this step-by-step SaaS Copywriting process that product people can follow (designers, marketers or founders) to write their copy without endless iterations.

Personally, I can define 80% of the first draft in around 15 mins and I can teach you to do the same! :)

Ready to get started? 💪

Step 1: No One Cares!

No one cares about YOUR product, they only care about THEMSELVES!

Don't talk about YOUR features...

Don't talk about YOUR benefits...

Don't talk about the problems YOU think it fixes...


Talk about THEIR problems.

Talk about THEIR benefits.

And the features THEY will love.

See the difference?

That's how you can grab their attention.

That's how you get people to understand the product.

And if they understand how they can get value from it, they will have a REAL reason to convert.

I'll tell you how to find these later on in this article.

Want that tutorial NOW? Here's the Video version.

Step 2: Designers, Don't Design!

SaaS Copywriting for Designers
Don't open up your Design program before following this process.


I know how it feels... I started off as a Designer!

You just want to open up Sketch (or Figma or Invision Studio or whatever that hell is trendy atm) and start designing the page...

I know! That's what feels natural to you, but you need to resist it as you learn this SaaS Copywriting process.

Trust me, it will save you a bunch of time and iterations.

The problem is that if you try to design the Landing page too soon and therefore, you won't have any guidance!

You won't know what include...

You won't know what NOT to include...

What should appear at the beginning, middle or the end...

What the headings/titles should be...

Or how the hell you're going to replace all that "lorem ipsum"...

You even struggle to define the illustrations because you don't know what is their CORE purpose to begin with...

That's why you need a bunch of (useless) iterations! :(

It doesn't have to be that way, here's what you should do instead:

Define all of the content first (using the research process below) and EVERYTHING will be laid out for you!

Step 3: If You Do This, Your Copy Will Be Laid Out For You!  

Want to hear something "crazy"?

No one on your team has to write the copy.

No need for brainstorms, vague persona lists and shared Google Docs with copy...


You don't shouldn't write copy, you should get it from someone else...

You need to get that copy from your customers and potential customers.

You see, people already told you what they want to hear.

How they want you to explain your product...

What they value the most in a product like yours...

And most importantly... What you need to convert them!

You just weren't listening, the right way at least. ;)

Everything you need to know is in your frequent questions, objections, demos (if you record them), comments or even in your competitor's reviews!

SaaS copywriting what's most important?
Me analysing amazing insights just from the testimonials! Censored for privacy...

People will tell you what their problems are, what benefits they value, the features they really need and what your unique selling point could be.

All of it, it's there!

You just need to know how to organize and prioritise them.

Take whatever sources you have (from the ones listed above) and try to answer the questions below.

Once you do, I'll have a formula you can use to turn it a landing page here.

We Have a Problem... AWESOME!

The first thing you need to find is -> What's their problem?

There are 2 reasons why you need to do this.

1) People buy SaaS products to fix a problem. If they don't know which problem your product fixes why should they convert?

2) By explaining the problem you are reminding them of how painful it is and making them more likely to take action to fix it (by converting).

So, think about it...

Why do they need your SaaS product? What's their problem?

Oh and not just any problem... The CORE problem.

The problem they are REALLY willing to pay for (the other ones are not nearly as effective).

It could be saving hours of their time, having more revenue, a proven process to follow etc... That's what you need to find out.

Found that core problem?

Great! Now answer these 2 questions...

Why can't they fix it themselves?

This will give you clarity on how you need to explain the product and focus only on the things they need to understand in order to make their decision to convert.

What's the cost of not fixing it?

This will help you understand what you should do to justify your pricing (specially for high ticket B2B companies).

Real Benefits, Not "Nice to have" Benefits!

SaaS companies rarely talk about REAL benefits.

They write things like "It's really fast", "It's secure", "It's mobile friendly"...

Guess what? That's not enough!

Those are superficial benefits... You need to focus on the "why" behind those.

Why do your customers need it to be "fast", "secure", mobile friendly"?

That's what you need to focus on.

The easiest way to do this is by reversing how you explained their problems.

This way you can position the product as the "perfect solution".

I went over some examples in this video.

Speak their Language, Not Yours ...

This is another key component of amazing SaaS copywriting.

You don't use your terms to explain the product, you use theirs!

Notice how they describe their problems and how they will describe their ideal solution...

What terms do they use?

I'm talking about using the EXACT same words!

That's how you know they will understand it because it will feel almost like them explaining it to themselves.

Pretty cool right? That's one of the secrets of the best copywriters of all time... I might have stole it btw ;)

Step 4: Follow a Proven (SaaS Copywriting) Formula

Saas copywriting formula
Overview of the SaaS Landing page I use with every project. Here's a full breakdown tutorial

Now that you know what's important for your potential customers, we will just use a formula to organize everything.

I've used this formula with all my client projects and with great results!

Here's an overview of the formula (full video breakdown here):

1) Pattern interrupt - Capture the visitor's attention right way by reverse engineering (with this process) the perfect headline!

2) Introduce the problem - Make people feel that they real need to fix the problem your product fixes.

3) Position your product as the perfect solution (by reversing how you explained the problem).

4) Social Proof - Don't write "normal" testimonials... Write testimonials people can relate to (here's the key to make that work).

5) CTA's - Always have a main CTA and an alternate one to convert people at different stages of their buyer's journey. This alone might give you a HUGE increase in conversions over time.

I can't really explain this well in an article so I created a short video tutorial breaking down the entire formula (+ real examples).

Want a step-by-step breakdown of this formula? Here's a video tutorial.

Step 5: Final Tweaks...

Yes you might have to adjust a couple of things as you go, but that's normal!

That's why I consult with clients to help them maximize their results, reduce CAC even after my the redesign is done!

Don't worry, you won't need anything major changes over time (unless your product or target changes).

You might need a better headline, adding or removing a section and small things just to get the best results as possible as you get feedback from the market.

Like I said, if you follow the right SaaS copywriting process you won't need many iterations, you can start getting results right away!

If you would like to learn more and get a step-by-step guide on how to come up with the copy for a Landing page then this video is for you.

[Advanced] Free Video Reveals How to Write the Copy of a SaaS Landing page (step-by-step)

step-by-step saas landing page copywriting video
You can get this free step-by-step video tutorial here.

You got the overview of my SaaS copywriting process...

Would you like to go EVEN deeper?

I created this short video tutorial breaking down what to write on each section of your page!

Breaking down the 5 step formula for the perfect SaaS Landing page, here's your FREE video.

Pssht... Want Me To Do It For You?

This article only covers my SaaS Copywriting process...

What if I had more proven processes to share?

I can teach you some things in an article but nothing replaces my experience with tens of other SaaS companies that had the same problems as you are probably having RIGHT NOW.

What if I can help you explain the product so well that the website sells the product for you?

What if I could help you reduce the number of iterations and get you better conversions FASTER?

Having your team focusing somewhere else while I save their time and get you better results?

How much would that be worth to you?

Let's book a free time and see what's your REAL problem and if I could help you achieve your revenue goals through better conversions.

Want to see if we are a good fit? You can figure that out here (in 30 sec)
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