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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

2x Your SaaS Demos: The Definitive Guide

SaaS demos cover article 2x in 8 steps

Is demos the only way you're getting high ticket customers?

Then this is the definitive guide to doubling (or more) the amount of (qualified) SaaS demos with your website.

Most likely, 2x your demos will also 2x your revenue :)

Ready? Let's dive right in.

Bold Claim

But first, let me start with a bold claim.

There's NO way you won't find any actionable insights in this guide.

I've used these exact strategies with my clients and they worked REALLY well (proof below).

SaaS Demos Are A Big Commitment

Let's face it, it's a bigger commitment taking 20 min -1 hour to talk with your team then it is to get a free trial (that they most likely won't bother to finish).

The problem is, it doesn't make that much sense to sell high ticket SaaS without demos...

Why? Because if can charge high ticket for your product then it means your fixing a big problem and that involves several changes in the organisation in order to sign up.

Bottom line: Always expect lower conversion rates for demos than free trials because it's a way bigger commitment.

But If You Have A Process, It's Quite Easy!

If you thank about it in the simplest form simply need to make your website your best salesmen.

Something that explains the product so well that they already know some key use cases and benefits before they even book a call.

That's what REALLY gets you more qualified demos.

(step-by-step process below)

[PROOF] Here Are Some Results From Using This Process

Results from one of my clients using this process

Just so you know you learning from the right guy here are some results from a recent project.

~5 demos a day and their team can't handle more calls...

Quite a big improvement considering they were pretty much only wasting money on paid traffic.

And there's more... They've only implement the first 2 steps of this process!

Keep in mind that after step 2 there's no specific order to follow nor you might need all of this to 2x your demos (depends on what you need)

Step# 1 - Positioning

Sounds fancy right? But positioning is only about getting 2 things right.

1) Making your product seem like the perfect solution. For this you'll need to explain the product in the EXACT way your potential customers need to see it... More on this in step #2.

2) Reverse engineering how to attract only the high quality leads. Basically you'll look at the top 20% of the leads you get and try to identify what made them convert to a demo and/or customer.

Here's How You Can Do It

Simply take your top 20% of the leads (ideally you would have recordings of the demos you've had with them) and try to answer questions like:

  • Who's bringing 80% of the revenue?
  • Which persona/segment is the easiest to convert? (Usually it's the same type that bring 80% of the revenue?
  • Where did they came front? Specific marketing channel?

This is the ground work to helping you attract the high quality leads and turn off the bad ones.

(more on this in step #2)

Step #2 - Messaging

Reaction from your visitors To Get more SaaS Demos
This is the reaction you need from your visitors

This is usually the hardest part and it's probably the #1 reason clients hire me (to do step #1 and #2).

Here's how to define your messaging in a way that CONVERTS and with as few iterations as possible.

It's REALLY easy actually... You simply take what people already told you and you use it as the content for your entire website.

Here's The Process

SaaS Demos Buyer Journey Table
Example: List out those reasons in a table like this so you know what to include in your pages

1) Listen to the recordings of your demos, surveys, contact forms or even detailed testimonials.

2) Create a Google doc and type out some key questions people ask or important things they want to learn about.

3) Start Highlighting what seems important to them and how they describe it.

4) Organize and prioritize. Notice what things are coming up time and time again, what they value the most and what EXACT words they use to describe their problems and/or solutions.

5) Use a proven landing page formula. Now that you prioritize the content that could fit on the page you simply need to turn into an actual page... For this, you can use a formula (I'll show you my Landing page formula right after the example) so you can easily turn into a fully defined page that CONVERTS and took you 10x less time to define.

Here's An Example

What's important to them to get SaaS demos?
Me doing this exercise for a client project

Here's an example of a Gdoc that I've done to organize what's important for my client's potential customers.

If you take a look you can instantly find great insights like:

  • It's more important for them to focus on their business than on the marketing side. This happens to be the exact thing my client helps his customers with.
  • Support is a MAJOR deciding factor here. This came up twice but in slightly different descriptions.

Guess what I did with these insights (of course I got more than you can see here)...

I put those reasons why people became a customer EVERYWHERE throughout the website!

Why? Because there are people that have the same reasons to want to convert but they didn't bother to schedule a demo. Once I make this obvious most of them will want to book a demo.

The Key Here: Use A Proven Formula!

SaaS Landing page Formula
My SaaS Landing page formula/cheatsheet -> See the full thing here (no opt-in)

You might have found some great insights in all of the previous steps, but there's a major problem.

If you don't know how to explain them on the website you still won't convert.

That's why I use a formula. I came up with this formula and I personally only have to tweak a couple of things depending on the project (just to go the extra mile).

Free Resource: I did a video breaking down my entire formula here (no email opt-in!)

"How Long Should This Take?"

I usually do step #1 and #2 for my clients (and review it with them along the way of course) and it takes me 1-2 weeks.

Obviously, I don't know how much time it would take you but I can guarantee you can easily cut the time it usually takes you from concept to testing by half.

Step #3 - Mind the traffic

After the steps #1 and #2 the tweaks are very easy to make so I usually tell my clients what to change on 45-60 min consultations.

Step #3 it's a brainstorm session about your traffic.

What's working?

What's not working?

Where are the best leads coming from?

How could traffic be optimised? (Maybe your paying for the wrong keywords on Adwords, FB ads could be optimised, you could try sponsorships and so on...)

The goal here is to find 1 or 2 Marketing channels that are really good to acquire customers so we know where to double down on.

Step #4 - Leverage Your Content

One example of a lead magnet you can use from HelpScout

Now a days it seems everyone is doing content Marketing...

But is it working?

Are you getting only views or are you getting consistent demos and/or leads from them?

Here's what you should do: Put a CTA on all of your articles!

But not any CTA, the RIGHT CTA! It has to be related to the problems your product fixes so there's a transition between seeing your content to wanting to schedule a demo.

More Ways To Do This To Get More SaaS Demos

Here are some more things to help your content convert more.

Article CTA to get more SaaS Demos
Helpscout recommends case studies and their newsletter as ways to get people to convert

1) Add Exit popups To Keep People Engaged. If done right, it can keep your visitors for more time (and make them more likely to convert) and sometimes you can get them to give them their email and/or phone number so you can follow up.

2) The right lead magnets. Brainstorm only lead magnets than can help them transition from your article into to wanting to book a demo. For them to work they need to be related to the problems your product fixes (you have this info from step #2).

3) Tweak your blog layout. Make your lead magnets more visible so people are more likely to convert.

4) Recommend more content. If you have a proper content strategy with top of then funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel content  you can recommend more useful content until they get to the bottom or at least middle of the funnel content.

Results From Only Using 50% Of These Strategies

My calendar with inbound calls just from my blog!

I only implemented half of these things on my blog and I get several calls per week every time I post an article.

Keep in mind that:

  • I don't use paid traffic (organic is working super well so I don't need it)
  • I have almost no SEO traffic (only one article is ranking well it's hard to find keywords for SaaS...)
  • All of my calls are qualified. They check this page to see if they can get a 10x ROI from my services and only if they do they will fill a small application for a free consultation.
  • I limit my calls to 2 per day otherwise I can't get anything done.
What would be the compound effect of having all of your content generating demos like this?

Step #5 - Implement "Group" SaaS Demos

Group SaaS Demos (Webinars)
Webinars aka "Group demos" from Helpscout

"Group demos" is how I like to call webinars as this is the goal behind the webinars that work.

(Between you and me I can tell you that every client that is using them is working pretty well!)

Here's How To Get "Group" SaaS Demos

1) List the problems you've discovered potential customers are worried about (from step #1 + #2) and come with some topics.

2) Come up with webinar topics based on those problems. These are highly likely to have engagement because these are things you know your potential customers already value

3) Test out the webinar. See if people you can get a good number of attendees and how many of them want to book 1-on-1 demos.

4) Double down with paid traffic. Webinars attendees are cheaper to get with paid traffic because the commitment is lower and the conversion rate is higher so if you know a webinar is doing well you can simply get more traffic.

The Real Goal Behind "Group" SaaS Demos

The goal is NOT to get customers with webinars!

The goals is to convert people from attendees into qualified 1-on-1 demos that you can then turn into customers using your sales team.

Why? Because it's way easier to convert people from visitor to a webinar attendee than it is to convert a visitor to a demo directly.

Plus, if your webinar is good you'll convert a good chunk of attendees into demos anyway.

Step #6 - Segmentation

Example of one of the pages I've done for a client (video breakdown here). He could easy change the headline and test out another segment

(This is how you REALLY make PPC traffic work)

You need need to segment your audience properly but you don't try out any segments.

Why is this important?

Because different people have different benefits and use cases.

This means: You need a LASER focused message!

Something that talks about THEIR problems, THEIR benefits, THEIR use cases and the features THEY want to see.

That's how you grab their attention well enough so scale the costly (and likely highly competitive) PPC  campaigns.

How To Find Which Segments To Try

You don't want to test out any segments so ask your self these questions to find out which are the most likely to work:

  • Is there a particular segment that is gaining more traction than the other ones?
  • Is there a segment that is easier to acquire?
  • Which segment do you know more about the keywords they search for, the content they read etc...?

Once you find these you'll need to create a specific page for each of them.

Fully Targeted Landing Pages Don't Take Much Work

Yes, you need to focus on individual benefits, problems and use cases of that segment but that doesn't mean you need to come up with new page every time.

If you use the formula I showed you above (full breakdown here) you can easily change some of the copy and change some of the sections and you'll be ready to go.

Why? Because the way you need to present the product is fairly similar and they need to have some problems and benefits in common otherwise you wouldn't have different people using the same product.

The key here is to make the product seem tailored for them, that doesn't mean it actually is ;)

Step # 7 - Double Down

Double down to get more SaaS demos
Common sense but easy to forget in business and marketing :)

“Do something. If it works, do more of it. If it doesn't, do something else.” - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Seems stupid obvious but I'm sure your not doing it across all of your marketing as it is impossible not miss something without an outside perspective.

This is fairly simply:

  • If a webinar is working... DOUBLE DOWN
  • If a segment is easier to convert than the others... DOUBLE DOWN
  • If an ad campaign is doing great... DOUBLE DOWN
  • If a marketing channels is better than the rest... DOUBLE DOWN
  • If a landing page is converting better than the rest... DOUBLE DOWN
  • (and many more)

This also applies to the things that don't work... You guessed it! Stop doing them.

Step #8 - Provide Alternatives

Let's face it most people aren't ready to book a demo RIGHT now.

The problem is that they might be in a few weeks or months!

So what can you do?

You either provide an alternative to convert them long term or you might lose them forever.

A Few Things You Can Try

  • Add phone numbers or emails in case people want to contact you instead of scheduling a demo.
  • Add phone numbers to lead forms so your sales team can call them
  • Thank you pages where you add a second offer when people try to download a lead magnet.
  • Promote more content to keep them engaged.
  • Add or improve follow up sequences to follow up with lead magnets.

These ones are harder to convert but most of your potential customers (around 60% according to normal customer journeys) will be at this stage so you better have a system in place to try to convert part of them.

Related article: Landing page strategies to get more demos

Which Of These Do You Think Could Get YOU The Most Results?

Now that you know the entire process...

Which step do you think you're missing or could be optimized in your company?

The biggest one indicator you need to improve is usually the one explained below.

Here's A Clear Indicator You Could Be Getting A Lot More Demos

Think back to how your current demos usually start...

If you have people saying "Oh I just want to know how your product can help me" then it means you're not conveying the value of the product properly!

The only people you are scheduling demos with are the only ones who bothered to schedule a demo even though they didn't understand how your product could help them.

This is the biggest indicator that I try to identify whenever I talk with potential clients so I know my services are an easy ROI (more 30 sec criteria here).

Want To Know What Could Double YOUR Company's Demos?

I could talk about strategies to increase the number of qualified demos you have ALL DAY LONG...

Here's what matters: How does that apply to YOU?

There's an easy way to find this out... We can jump on a quick call (see if you qualify for a free consultation) and figure out what problems you might be having and what opportunities you have to improve.

Here's How To Find Out Your "Easy Win"

You can jump on a free 30-45 min strategy session with me if you follow this criteria.

1) Check this criteria. These are some of the criteria I have to make sure I could provide you with massive value in this call.

2) See if you qualify (in 30 sec). I have this because if you do, not only I can give you actionable insights in our call but I could easily provide you with a 10x ROI.

3) Book a FREE time at the end. If you match the criteria then you can select a time at the end of the page

More Bold Claims... (10k for Free)

Even if we end up not being the perfect fit in terms of stage, availability, scope...

There's no way the problems or insights I'll find in our call aren't worth $10k or more.

It's your choice.

They Trust Me For A Reason

Clients getting more SaaS demos
Some of my clients

If you sell high ticket SaaS and are you're converting most of your demos (you just need to get more) than most likely I can help you (see if you qualify in 30 sec).

If I could help you acquire even just a few more customers a month (predictably), how much would that be worth to you?

See if you qualify here, and if you do you, you just need to book a quick call using the simple Calendly widget I have on the page (no contact forms, those suck...).

After you book a free strategy call, we'll figure out the following things.

  • What's keeping you from predictably acquiring more customers with your website.
  • If we are a perfect fit in terms of stage, availability etc...
  • Which strategy would work for YOU, YOUR company, YOUR goals and YOUR problems!

[SAD] If You Don't, Someone Else Will

Every time I write an article I get several calls with potential clients but I only accept 2 per month (max).

Will you be one of them? If you do, here's your chance.

The sad news is that if you don't, someone else will (and they may be your competitor)

To Your Success!


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