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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

How To Make A Conversion-Driven SaaS Landing Page [2019 Edition]

SaaS Landing page 2019

The attention spam of your visitors is down to seconds! How does that affect your SaaS Landing page?

How will you grab their attention, keep them engaged and convince a good enough amount to convert before they leave?

To do that it requires a really good SaaS landing page... Here's the ultimate guide for it.

I've used this process to create dozens and dozens of high converting SaaS Landing pages for my clients and I'm sharing my proven process in this article.

Just follow the template and the questions below. Your conversion rate is directly correlated to how well you answer them!

Free Templates Included!

SaaS Landing page templates
Free templates included in this guide (no email opt-ins!)

Not only will I show you my step-by-step SaaS Landing page process but this guide also includes free templates (no opt-in)!

Here are the two included templates. Get them here and here.

🚨Warning: You need to read the article to know how to REALLY use them ;)

Step #0 - Positioning

Blue ocean strategy SaaS Landing page
Position is basically the blue ocean strategy - source

Yes, zero...

Before we even think about the homepage you need to think about positioning.

Why? Because this is how you stand out, how you seem better than you're competition and more importantly, seem like the perfect solution for your potential customer.

These positioning exercises tend to generate more powerful and lasting results than the rest of the article.

Ask Yourself These Positioning Questions

Just try to answer these and you should be able to find some ways in which you can stand out in your market.

  • Did some customers move from a competitor? Find out why! Science says it's 7x harder to make people move to another product than it is to convert them initially.
  • What's the benefit/feature that no competitor is offering?
  • How can you put yourself in a unique category?
  • What are the features/benefits your customers are more excited about in your reviews, demos or support questions?

This is the amount of clarity that generates results.

This is hard to follow internally as you usually need an outside perspective.

It takes a lot of follow up question with my clients until I guide them to the best answers.

Want to get CLARITY? See if you're a fit for a free strategy session.

Let's move to the Landing page stuff... 👇

Step #1 - Develop Your One Liner

Here's what it means. Describe your product in one paragraph.

Sounds simple but it really isn't.

Here's why this is important: If you're describing the product in only on sentence than you can only fit the important stuff.

Here are several examples from Donald Miller, the creator of this concept (I think) or at least the guy that explains it best :)

Several examples of one liners from different businesses

The way he describes it is not good enough to create a whole landing page around it but it's a damn good start.

It's the foundation for any good SaaS Landing page project.

In fact, I usually turn this into the header (the top of your SaaS landing page).

Step #2 - What's The Big Problem?

I don't understand how 99% of landing pages don't introduce the problem they are solving and how painful it is.

People buy SaaS products to fix a problem so it needs to be stupid obvious which problem you fix and how.

Why? Because you can position your product as the perfect solution and you can remind them of how painful the problem is so they are more likely to take action to fix it.

Here's a simple exercise than can help you identify this 👇

Exercise: Current vs Desired Situation

SaaS Landing page currents vs desired situation
Your potential customer's current vs desired situation

This is an amazing exercise because it helps you not only identify the problems they have but also remind them of how big the gap his and how your product can reduce it.

Identifying Their Current And Their Desired Situation

  • What's their main goal?
  • What's keeping them from getting there? That's usually the big problem
  • How much is staying in their current position costing them?
  • How does your product bridge the gap?

Step #3 - How Does Your Product Fix This?

How it works - SaaS landing page

Know that you explained how big their problem is and why their current process or tools are certainly not helping them getting them to their desired situation it's time to talk about your product.

Yes, you only talk about the product after explaining their problem. Remember, no one cares about you (or your product) they only care about themselves (and their goals/problems).

Check the SaaS Landing Page Cheatsheet to see how it works. (No email opt-ins!)

Step #4 - How Much Does It Cost? (Not What You Think!)

Conversion cost - SaaS Landing page

There are always costs to getting your product.

3 Different Types of Costs

1) Your actual cost, aka the amount of money you charge per month. This can easily be overcome if you explain the product properly and if you compare the price to something else (price anchoring is the fancy term for this).

2) The switching cost. This is usually way bigger than your actual cost, at least that's what potential customers think... You need to make your product seem like an easy transition from their current process. To do this, you can show you have amazing support, great onboarding, guides, integrations with the tools they already use or even that you can import data from the tools they want to stop using and so on... (depends on your product).

3) Opportunity cost. This is pretty big too but not for you, for them. You can use it to your advantage by showing them how much are losing by not converting NOW. This will help you a lot to get them to convert as soon as possible because lack of urgency always kills the sale.

Are you optimising your messaging for all of these costs?

People are going to think about them anyway, so you might as well control what they think about them!

How To Justify These Costs

In 90% of my client projects potential customers are concerned about the following things:

  • Support - If I have a problem how fast will they reply? How much will they really help me?
  • Onboarding - How much time will it take to make the transition?
  • Integrations - How can I import my data? Does it integrate with the tools we already use?
  • User experience -How hard is it to learn? How much time does it take? Will I have problems using this due to this complexity?
Make sure you answer all of these in your page because if you don't... Most people won't bother to find out by themselves!

Step #5 - (Real) Social Proof

Show some of the results from your current customers.

Remember, no one likes to be the first at taking the risk of signing up for your product specially if it's high ticket (e.g. $2000+/year).

Here's the key for the perfect social proof on SaaS landing pages:

  • It has to be result-driven - People only care about results not if people say your product is cool.
  • It has to be relatable - People want to see other people LIKE THEM using the product not people that they can't related to.

If your social proof doesn't match this criteria then people won't see themselves getting results... In that case, why should they convert?

Step #6 - CTA's

After your brilliant product explanation (using this guide) you need to call your visitors to ACTION.

I don't care if you did that one time, two, three or ten... You need to do it again!

People are one click away from never coming back so you must make it easy to convert NOW!

2 Types Of CTA's To Maximize Your Conversions

To be clear, you should use both in your SaaS Landing page (unless you're using a bottom of the funnel page).

  • Main CTA - This is your main goal. It's whatever you want people to do and most likely it's a demo or a free trial. We use this with people that are ready to convert right now (a very small percentage of your traffic).
  • The Alternate CTA - This is were you'll convert most of your visitors! Let's face it, not everyone is ready to convert right now regardless of how good your page is so you must offer an alternative to get their contact info to be able to follow up until some of them are ready. Examples of alternate CTA's might be the blog, a demo, lead magnets, contact form ...

That's it! At this point a good enough chunk of your visitors should have converted and you're probably enjoying your new lambo ;)

For the best results make sure to follow the proven templates I've created for this (FREE!) 👇

Step #7- Use The Proven SaaS Landing Page Templates/Formulas (FREE!)

free templates - SaaS Landing pages
Free templates for SaaS Landing pages (download below)

For the best results possible make sure to get these free templates.

I used them for all of my clients projects and it took me years to perfect! Use a proven process and skip all of those unnecessary iterations and headaches.

Here Are The SaaS Landing page Resources

No email opt-ins needed!

1) Lean Landing Page canvas - this will help you come up with all of the copy of your SaaS Landing page. Just answer the questions in the doc and everything will fall into place.

2) The SaaS Landing Cheatsheet -now that you have your copy (or at least the foundation) it's time to think about the structure. Luckily for you, I already have a proven formula you can steal and get awesome results from.

Use a proven process, no need to reinvent the wheel (specially if it already works so well)!

Used the free templates? Tell me how it went (I really want to know!): pedro@cortes.design

Have Trouble Answering These Questions?

These are very hard questions that hard to answer internally. Sometimes you just get to caught into the details or you're just used to how things have been that you're missing some awesome growth opportunities.

It happens with EVERYONE... People get insights even when they schedule a free strategy session.

Want me to help YOU (and/or your team) create conversion driven SaaS Landing pages? Book your free strategy session here.

Here's How To (Easily) Do It

Shortcut - SaaS Landing pages
Rather have a shortcut? Here's how you can get expert guidance

These templates are great and they have super powerful questions but all of the insights come from the FOLLOW UP questions.

You need to dig deep to find the best insights and that's something 99% of your competitors will never do!

Ask another person in your team to ask you hard follow up questions so you can make the most out of these exercises.

The deeper you go, the more insights you get, the more clarity you get, the better CONVERSIONS you'll get.

In the real world that's how it works! This is me ranting about all of the stupid conversion advice out there, in case you didn't get it :P

Choose one 👇

Want to try this yourself or do you want the shortcut? If you want the shortcut, here's your next step.

Want Me To Help You Boost Your Conversions?

Social proof - SaaS Landing page
Some of my clients

I've done this MANY times and I've helped clients anywhere between 6 figures and multiple 8 figures with their SaaS landing pages.

Want to try this yourself or hire "a shortcut"?

A shortcut that can guide your team into getting better results with less iterations and teach you a step-by-step (proven) process so you can be the leader in your industry.

Here's your next step.

Here's what will happen afterward your first step:

1) I'll help you diagnose any problems you might be having.

2) I'll help you understand how you can fix them.

3) You CHOOSE to move forward or not.

Sounds good? Schedule a free strategy session here

And if you don't? No problem! I get several calls like this EVERY WEEK... Maybe your competitors will ;)

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What to read next

Breaking down a SaaS Landing page step-by-step

What to read next

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