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Faq's and Misconceptions about Conversion optimization for SaaS

No Conversions? Here are 4 Reasons Why Your Landing page is not converting

So...You are focusing so much time and money into getting more traffic only to not convert ~99% of it?

That sucks… BUT!

In my experience I can tell you that the reason most pages don’t convert well comes down to at least one of these 4 problems covered in this article.

You need to review your conversion rates frequently to make sure all the work you are doing is not being wasted and getting you the results you want.

Does it sound complicated?

Well...it’s really NOT!

Unfortunately even having only one of these problems can be a big bottleneck in what your current revenue could be (more on how to fix that later in this article)

The 4 Problems preventing people from converting into customers

  1. Not answering objections
  2. Not speaking the “right language”
  3. Not Providing the right Call to actions
  4. Not proving alternatives

This all about understanding your customers, why they buy and replicating that message again and again!

Let me break it down for you :)

Also, I go deep into this on Step #2 of my Free video course, you can sign up here.

Problem #1 - Not answering objections

If there is one thing that will boost your conversions the most is answering objections.

What is an objection?

There are simply a set of questions that people need to get answered before they are ready to buy or even try your product.

See why they are so important? If you don’t answer them throughout your website people won’t be ready to convert at all, best case scenario, only the people that are “dying” to get their problem fixed would even try it…

Problem #2 - Not speaking the “right language”

This a very impactful but very often overlooked point… it’s the key between understanding exactly why your product is valuable or making potential customers as to themselves “WTF is this?”

Does your page communicate in the exact terms your potential customers use?

Same words? Same Problems? Same phrasing?

No? How the hell do you expect people to understand your page?

If they don’t understand it they won’t want to sign up :(

This is a specially a tendency for more complex products or pages designed/written by technical founders that often speak their own language for some reason (I still love you tho…)

Here’s an example:

Optimizely.com (has since been updated)

This is super vague and to someone that’s not familiar with their company the website makes no sense, in fact, it probably makes no sense regardless…

How to find the “right language to use

Simply answer the questions below according to your ideal customer profile and make a list.

  • What terms do they use to describe their problems?
  • What terms to they use to describe the solution?
  • Who makes the decision to sign up? Does it speak their language too? Otherwise you can’t convince the people that make the decision to purchase and you still won’t convert that customer (especially for high touch b2b)
  • What terms do your successful competitors use?
  • How do your current customers describe your product? Simplify that message so you can replicate it to attract similar customers.

You can look back to your FAQ, you customer interviews and surveys to find the answers to all of these questions.

Problem #3 - Not providing the RIGHT CTA’s

This is probably the least common problem but still an important one (as you will find out in the next problem).

Essentially are the call to actions on your page the correct ones to present to your potential customers?

I am not only talking about the text inside the button…

I am talking about...free trial vs live demo? Free trial vs speaking with sales? Freemium model vs free trial? Live demo vs Contact form?

Here are a few questions to help you figure that out:

  • Is this the right action for your visitors to take?
  • Is this what they would expect and therefore be more receptive too?
  • Is this are your successful competitors are asking for them to do?
  • Which one is the easiest way to make your customers see the value you provide?

Again, you can go back to your customer interviews, surveys and faq’s to figure out what could be best and just test it out.

BUT...Don’t forget to ask yourself if you want a low touch, high touch or even hybrid model.

In my experience you can expect more long term growth by starting out with a more high touch model (to get as much feedback on Product-Market-fit as possible) and then trying to make it hybrid or as low touch as possible in order to help your startup scale.

Problem #4 - Not providing alternatives

Let’s face 70% (or even more) are not ready to buy anything from you or even a free trial as customers are becoming harder and harder to convince.

Are you enabling people to interact with a CTA that requires less of a commitment for them?

This enables you to still capture the lead from a potential customer and keep following up with them until they are ready to buy either through email sequences, retargeting them with ads or your sales team for example.

Here are few examples of alternative CTA’s:

  • Blog posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Live Demos
  • Talk with the team (contact form, chat bubble and so on…)
  • Free trials

What makes a great alternative CTA?

  • Has to be a lower commitment than your primary CTA (aka easier for them to convert).
  • Has to further educate about your product and solution while providing some sort of value to them.
  • The most successful capture at least an email address or any form of contact to your potential customer so you can sell them later on.

Final thoughts

We tend to think the issues that our pages have are very unique and complicated but if we go back to the foundations we can clearly see that almost all problems are coming from these 4 problems with your page.

Do you want to optimize your page to generate more revenue? Book a free strategy session here to discuss that.

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